Rockman Game Saves

Sega Mega Drive

Rockman Mega World

1) Rockman 1~3 All Clear, Wily Tower Stage Bosses defeated

2) Rockman 1~3 All Clear, Wily Tower Unlocked

3) Empty


Sony PlayStation

Rockman Complete Works ~ Rockman

1-Up Selection, Hard Mode, & Boss Attack Unlocked

Picture, Enemy, Boss Databases Complete

LV99: Rockman & Robot Masters w/Max Stats

Rockman Complete Works ~ Rockman 2

Rockman Complete Works ~ Rockman 3

Rockman Complete Works ~ Rockman 4

1-Up Selection, Hard Mode, Mission Mode & Sound Room

Lab Items, Enemy, Boss, & Picture Databases Complete

LV99: Rockman & Robot Masters w/Max Stats

Rockman Complete Works ~ Rockman 5

Rockman Complete Works ~ Rockman 6

PocketStation ~ Pocket Rockman

LV99 Rockman & Robot Masters w/Max Stats

(PocketStation Required)

PocketStation ~ Pocket Rockman 2

PocketStation ~ Pocket Rockman 3

PocketStation ~ Pocket Rockman 4

PocketStation ~ Pocket Rockman 5

PocketStation ~ Pocket Rockman 6

Rockman 8 Metal Heroes

All Weapons, Some Power-Ups with 2 Slots available

for other items. At Wily's Tower

Rockman Battle & Chase

Dengeki PS Magazine Save (for non Best for Family versions)

Super Adventure Rockman

Episode 1~3 Clear Files w/ All Weapons for each

Tron ni Kobun

Dengeki Kobun Data activation for Kobun #41

(Works for New Games and existing saves)

Rockman X3

1) Sub-Bosses Destroyed, No Bosses, All Armor, & Power-Ups

2) All Bosses & Sub-Bosses Destroyed, Z-Saber

acquired for Ending #1

3) Same as above but Zero is active for Ending #2

Rockman X4

1) Ultimate Armor, 8 HTs, All Weapons, 2E, 1W, 1EX

2) Zero (Red), 8HTs, All Weapons, 2E, 1W, 1EX

3) Same as Slot 1 but Force Armor (Plasma Shot)

Rockman X5

X, Force, Falcon, Gaia, Ultimate, & Black Zero

All HTs, All Parts, All E,W,EX Tanks

Rockman X6

X, Falcon, Blade, Shadow, Ultimate, Black Zero

All Extra Tanks, HTs, and Parts


Game Boy Advance

Battle Network Rockman EXE

Coming Soon

Battle Network Rockman EXE2

Battle Network Rockman EXE3

Battle Network Rockman EXE3 BLACK

Rockman EXE Battle Chip GP

In Progress

Rockman EXE4 Tournament Red Sun

Rockman EXE4 Tournament Blue Moon

4th Playthrough on Both Versions

All Title Screen Marks

All Upgrades

Complete Library

Every Internet Area has a Boss Navi Encounter

Soul Entries from Opposite Versions

Actual Modification Cards with my Customization

Actual Event Battle Chips transferred from Card e-Reader+

Linked with Zero 3 for Z Saber on Both Versions

Operation Battle Mode Cleared

Rockman EXE4.5 Real Operation

In Progress

Rockman EXE5 Team of Blues

Rockman EXE5 Team of Colonel

Coming Soon

Rockman EXE6 Dennojou Greiga

Rockman EXE6 Dennojou Falzer