Wednesday, April 9, 2008

LM Shin Brother Data (COMP) ~ For Original Version

LM Shin Brother Data

Update 04/11 for Completed Codes:


  • Brother Force added & Turned On Automatically

  • Set to the Exact Theme Color & S for Brother Force Card

  • Fixed Name when replacing LM Shin with another Brother

  • Cleaned Up Code


~Codes Removed due to Event Data Triggers Found~



Sick of the English Version's code all done wrong and just playing around with certain things in the Japanese Version relocating the code. I had to make a new code entirely from different locations, re-create the name that should be identical to what the Japanese Version's Event Brother Data at this point. Everything else is the same too. The Colors, the Favorite Cards. The Level, HP Boost, and Favorite Cards vary depending on what you've done in the Story Scenarios like Luna, Gonta, and Misora, and Kizamaro.


The Maximum HP+ should be 70 for Legend Master Shin. If you do any Value Higher, it'll still give you the HP+70 and nothing higher. Legend Master Shin infact has the same HP Boost as Kizamaro's. The Main Ability that never changes is the GigaClass+1 which is very nice if you don't have the Wave Scanner Data at the Maximum Level.


There's more I have up my sleeve. It'll only be a matter of time before more things are posted. Embrace this for now.


  1. I finally committed to play the game the whole way, with this on. Thing is, I got a bit of a shock when the Brother's bonuses worked with an inverse effect (taking AWAY 70HP rather than granting). After the second tutorial battle, it started working.

  2. Yes. It should be normal for that to happen the first time, even when adding it and closing the Menu, the Link Abilities will then be added. I wish there were some sort of better way than this, like just picking a slot. I'm just happy it works overall though. =P