Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rockman Xover ~ Game Memories & Conclusion

With the hidden announcement of termination yesterday. I figured it would be a good time to reflect on the game in light of this. All my memories, and my final thoughts about the game itself.


I think everybody hated the idea. I definitely did. Especially when it seemed to be a year after that horrible remake, or rather "de-port" of Rockman X for iOS. At the time I had never tried such a thing as a freemium or social game on my iPhone or iPad. I was always more of a console gamer and it seemed to be in it's infancy around that time. More and more people I knew were playing games like this where you'd have to spend money for in-game items.

My first impression was the loading time. I could not believe I had to wait more than a half an hour just to play. I did not understand the concept of it being social for it's genre at the time, so I did not realize it needed assets it neeeded to download after the application was installed. Especially for newer content later on. I completely lost it right there and then. This is newer picture I have above, it used to take longer than this.It would have been two months at the very least where I picked it up again and attempted to make an account. I think I didn't really appreciate the game earlier on, it didn't really look that great with the sprite and background assets. Just the way the styling was. I don't really mean the Over-1 sprites. But more like the Bosses, enemies, and the backgrounds. The very early stuff was really nothing for me to be too excited over.

Unlocking later worlds were fun enough once you were getting up to the point of addiction. Even if you were caught up with every armor the game had to offer, they would always release a new world bi-monthly or so. It was just nice seeing what new design they'd come up with for a new armor.

Eventually I did end up charging for Crest (credit currency for Xover). I wanted that SR+ Kalinka Cost 17 so badly ever since I saw it when it was released. But I had not tried gambling for it until some time in April. Unfortunately randomly throwing $40 didn't get me the card for the Premium Gasha. Also mind you, it costed more since I had not known at the time that I could just use an Android device if I had the game downloaded on a Google account. Since Google Play allows you to charge through credit cards, just as long as you have the game on your download listing. I was going to just play the game like normal every day, waste my EP for leveling up and call it a day. Amazingly, the day after I had spent crest toward the Premium Gasha. They had a thing called an SR+ Gauge event. Where if you fill the SR+ Gauge up to maxium, the next roll you did within the Gasha would be that particular card for the event listing. Luckily I had not filled the gauge up to maximum when I tried. I was just a sliver away from filling it. I had acquired the card I really wanted. At this point I was hooked completely. Back when I was Child, Mega Man 4 was the newest game at the time in America. It ended up being my favorite one for nostalgia's sake. I loved the new implementations of each new game. The addition of the Charge Shot was just awesome to me at the time. So having that particular Kalinka card was a treat to me. ~Old SR+ Kalinka post

I was enjoying every bit of content they were releasing. At the time they had an 8-Bit Airman event, with an even stronger version. Airman 2. Pretty much anyone who had the game couldn't defeat higher levels of the Boss. If you did, you'd get particular cards for that event. They even had a new system called, "Irregular Burst" where if you had two of the same card at the same level, you could add a medal to that host card that would make the host card stronger than it was before in every stat and increase the skill amount by +2. It wasn't until a few months after that they added a Continue feature for the game that boosts stats every time you continue so that you could have a chance. It shows that they were doing things and adding events and features to the game.

Around early Julyish of 2013. They introduced new events of 8-Bit enemies just like Airman with different color palettes and different elemet Gashapon. They had a slew of new Cards, like Model LX (Aile), Queen Virgo, and Iris from EXE6. I really wanted an upgrade of the Luna Swimsuit card since I was getting tired of her and wanted something different, since the skill was a C Boost a with a Cost 18 instead of 17. I ended up doing one of the most dumbest things I've ever done throwing money away that I didn't have. I spent a few hundred dollars and didn't get her besides a bunch of cards I did not want at the time. A bunch of Queen Virgos and Model LXs instead. I'm pretty sure I rolled the entire Water Gasha for the time with the exception of EXE6 Iris and SSR3 Rockman. Also, the particular Kalinka I liked wasn't included.

Funny thing was that the EXE6 Iris I wanted, I ended up having to do a Master Boss event for it. Participating against a Master Boss and having it defeated 500 times. Which relies a lot of the social aspect of the game. You or someone else needs to activate a boss finding Map Data from quest drops randomly. There's also Team Battle where you're randomly paired up with another person against two other Rockman and you compete defeating Team Bosses randomly in quests where points determine the outcome of the cards you acquire and the team that wins. They did have Master Boss Events like that where if you defeated a number of Bosses, you would acquire those cards. The only effective way I found to do these events were to just another device just making a new account every 7-10 Bosses. This way you can save EP, and every time you fight 20 Bosses and if they're defeated, you'll get a free E-Can. Yes, it's not really fun at all. At this point I was just happy to acquire the card.

From 2014 and onward. There really wasn't much to say about the game, you'd wait for a new world to appear. They'd have a new Master Boss or Quest Boss in anyway. I've mentioned before on other places about other social games being better and having more funner events and social interaction like SD Gundam G Generation Frontier. One thing I've told people was that, if they actually had a new real game that they could produce. They could have had particular cards in the form a code just for the Rockman Xover that with that newly released game. The Gundam social game I play is like this with certain releases. That's pretty much how that game got me interested. Not to mention having gameplay being much better than Xover. They did have some fun things like a new April fools Event that was Master Boss related for tickets for a single day. I stopped everything I was doing in my normal life for literately almost 24 hours and tried defeating Golden Metools as much as I could. I was able to fully maximize some cards and managed to even get an SSR out of it. Along with a new Special Kalinka card that was an event exclusive in the form of a past code, which was awesome. Since I only had so many at the time. The game really didn't change too much until they added the Battle Tower, and they focuses mainly on that. It was a somewhat fair chance to even acquire past SSRs as you defeated different bosses randomly. To my knowledge they never gave out SSR+s for those events, and would remain premium exlcusives. I never really completed any of the Battle Towers they had, because all the cards for the exclusives didn't seem to great to me in terms of skills. The only one that looked cool to me was the Tribe King one from SSR2's Ultimate Navigation cover artwork. What's the point of buying the H Cans to 1000 the count for them when you could just get a stronger card for that particular element with a Gasha Box or other kind of event?

I'm sure anyone that has charged money with the game, or simply got something that was really good out of a rare occurance would be mad. At first I didn't know how to feel. I recently did draw all the cards out of that new Heroine Gasha Collection just 3 months ago. If I had not, I would have not set the goal I wanted to a long time ago for being 1st Place for however long for the Battle Arena against other players. I think all of us who played and got cards they really wanted at one point in time could definitely be upset. I think the game was fine for the genre. The gameplay could have been a bit better. I think the social aspect could have used some work where it was necessary to have Friends on your listing. The merchandising was good for the game earlier on, but it just didn't seem worth it later on with the lack code gifts, this Capcom Special Selection book being completely out of stock the week before it even released (a lack of a Xover code for it too). I also don't feel bad about leaking the hidden news message, especially when it's news that the game was closing it's doors. I felt justified because I know I'll be losing my Battle Memories, which I've become so sentimental about. We were also in the dark for too long with nothing changed within the game after World 12 released almost a month ago. I figured it was a nice gift for everyone that played the game and cherish their cards so much, that they needed to know what was happening and not being left in the dark. It's not my fault that they put the notice up on servers without it published.

Kalinka Collection ~ Full Complete~!

As for the franchise, I think the game helped. Even if there wasn't a new game being released during the time frame of this game. If they weren't making much money around now, it's because of the poor management and the failure to evolve with older aspects that this game had. It was running well enough before this announcement, so sales must have been good months ago. After March 31st, Capcom will sit on the Rockman name. If most people are having a poor reaction for what this game was, give a thought for it's genre. It is what it is, was what it was. For something that's Rockman related, this game marks a point in my life just like any other game in the franchise would have. I'm sure many of us including myself would love nothing more if they would just release a new game and put enough thought process for it to be a good one.


If you're also in the need for another social game after this to play, and like anything that's Gundam that's in SD form. You can try out SD Gundam G Generation Frontier. It's much more generous with it's Gasha system and it's not impossible to get better cards with free tickets that the game just gives you for playing. In terms of events and gameplay, it's a great game and I'd recommend it for anyone that's played Rockman Xover.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rockman Xover Service Shutdown

Yes, it's true. It definitely is what it is for this news notice hidden on the server I happened to see. They tell you dates on when each service will shut down (listed them below), and tell you to take screen captures of things for memories' sake.


I will be doing an "Xover Memories" post during this week at some point. I have some things I'd definitely want to show off and tell about, as for my final thoughts about the game itself as a social game.


December 25th, 2014 - Crest sales
March 31st, 2015 - Application
April 1st ~ September 30th, 2015 - Refunds for unused Crest balance