Friday, September 25, 2009

OSS Clarification #2 ~ Netbattle Color Changes

From DengekiOnline. What we have here this time is Aqua Armor or Saito.bat assumptions.


Battle in Network Mode from Battle Network Rockman EXE


It clearly isn't Aqua Armor or Saito.bat. It's just a thing the game would do against another Rockman in Netbattle just for fun. You could say all Players have it and can't see it. There's no power boosts at all either.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

OSS Clarification #1 ~ RockmanDS / Dark Rockman

From Famitsu Tube. I've noticed some people saying that RockmanDS / Dark Rockman is in this game at the end of the TGS Trailer, which isn't true.


RMEXE1~3 Game Music Complete Works | CD with that Art


The Back of the Booklet has that Artwork, and proves it was published 2002. December 18th, 2002 for the Release Date to be exact during the EXE3 era. Both of the art for RDS and DRM have Red Eyes, not Green.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Original Rockman EZ-Flash V Series Skin

Recently started making some Skins for the EZ-Flash V Series Flash Cart just for some fun. I also needed a better looking skin for the EZVi so I decided to make this one.


Non-Animated / Animated


It's set as the Non-Animated first. When you Touch one of the Icons above, it'll change and Animate into the new Sprite.


MediaFire Download