Wednesday, October 14, 2009

EXE OSS Nintendo Channel Demo


List of possible Program Advances




List of Battle Chips Available


Gutsman (*)

Roll (R)
ShockWave (C)
Sword (S)
WideSword (S)
CrossBomb (B)
ShotGun (*)
Recovery50 (*)
WideSword (S)
AreaSteal (S)
Cannon (ABC)
Raton1 (*B)

[MP3] Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star Demo

Demo Download / Hosting


The EXEOSS Demo hit the Japanese Nintendo Channel today. As you can see it hosts the demo on the Wii to your DS for Download.


DS Acquisition


Title Screen


Internet BGM from the old game is played here, and it really sounds almost identical with the Instruments they use.


Meijin Dialouge


He'll basically tell you about Net Battling and Program Advance.


Button Command List Get


Battle Operation, Set! / In!


Voices here.


Virus Battle with no boring Tutorial


Not much to say here. The Bigger Screen of the DS is much more comfortable and it plays exactly like old Battle Network Rockman EXE. EXE has voices just like in EXE5DS.


VS. Fireman / Gutsman *


When I was battling Fireman, it came up. Meijin does speak of Program Advances in his Dialouge Turtorial, mainly for ZetaCannon1. Roll R also popped up when I was in the Virus Battle.



Meijin hypes & summons SS Rockman


Battle Prelude / Demo End Message


Has the Ryuusei 1 Battle Theme, sounds like it's directly from SSR1 too. And that's pretty much it for the Demo. You really don't get to fight SSR at all, they just pull a fast one on you at the end. I might post a list of possible PAs in this Demo with the given Folder.

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