Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why the Zero Collection Sucks

Update 3:

 Didn't take that long to do either. I imagine the game process would be even simpler if they recreated BGs. When it's side/top scrolling game play where the BG repeats with jumping it wouldn't be such hard work to expand the screen. And there's only that many BGs in throughout Z1~4 that don't repeat.


Update 2:

Logical is using the GBA Slot, and not using more Battery Power for useless touch screen artwork that's a big distraction. Logical is not having things like blood, voices, and whole features removed from the Original games. There must be something wrong if people aren't understanding and denying what's wrong with the compilation. Especially when the Artwork Screen is bigger than the gameplay screen. I also like having features untamed, the way the developers intended it to be. My only explanation is Capcom aren't the ones that made this Collection. Inti's English branch probably did, seeing as the release dates are all so close to each other. Every English Collection out there isn't much of an improvement. The Anniversary Collection has whole features gimped from the Complete Works games (aside from the reverse buttons on the GC Ver.), the X Collection is awfully slow and doesn't sound right. All in all, lazy port is still lazy.



It seems as if people are having a big issue over my opinions. I'm entitled to say whatever I please and do with my Blog. Deal with it, and leave the jealously rage behind you. It's just simply a poorly made compilation next to other games. Besides, people are only going to complain the very next week about everything I'm saying right now about it all. Right? I have a right though, just like people pissed all over SOS.

GBA game size resolution with annoying Artwork on the bottom, and nothing new (I can't really count Zero 3 Card e-Reader+ as I own all of them and used most of them on Z3). They really did a lazy job with this. Everyone can say what they want about EXEOSS. But at least that had some new things and fit the DS Screen size.


This really isn't any better than playing on the GBA Slot of the DS or even the GB Player. And my Modification Cards are all loaded fine on my Save RAM for Z3. I would of liked to play it just for the Screen Size expansion and more face buttons. Lame


  1. Hey i'm wondering if you could make some Action replay or Game shark codes for Megaman zero 3 (usa) version of the game. So that on the GBA version we can activate the E-Reader option and also could you make codes for each E-Reader card so we could use them (usa) version of the game? I've been looking for these codes all over for a few years now but i haven't found them ever and i know you sometimes make codes for other Megaman games. If this is possible to do can you please try to do something like that? Thank you for all the other codes on Megaman games they've been useful. :)

  2. There's a single code that allows certain e-Reader effects for the Resistance Base, but that's it.

    From what I experienced, the Card e-Reader+ refuses to work on English Region games.

    I'm not too experienced with making codes like that, but I wonder about Hex Editing and making a save editor. A single Card Effect is displayed on the Title Screen after you've transferred one over. It would probably be the best way to make actual Cards work if one were to hack and enable them for different addresses and values. The Zero 3 Modification Cards are ones that don't transfer made-up data over. Only EXE4 does this, and EXE4~6's Special Chip Transmission Cards.

  3. Oh i see so possible that they removed them from the release for English version..

    Yeah iv'e used the codes for EXE 4-6 (Kaizou kicks butt!).

    If you were to make the save editor how long would that take?

    Nigoli thanks for responding to this post i made coming from other blogs of Rockman (Megaman)most don't respond thank you for taking time to explain. :)

  4. god this was one awful port.

    Thats probably the reason why I decided to play Zero on the gba after all.

    If they brought a well done EXE 1-6 port to the 3DS with WIFI and a FIT TO SCREEN Res that would be fine.