Saturday, July 2, 2011

SSR1 Ultimate Navigation Andromeda Card Pictures

During my days helping out another Rockman fansite, I've posted these from the Ultimate Navigation Legend Guide for Shooting Star Rockman 1. This was before I was able to get a couple of Andromeda Wave Battle Cards, and exactly almost a year before a means were found for activating it's Wireless Event. I really didn't have any idea that the Wave Battle Card for it would work without it's activation process since my Pegasus Wave Scanner that I acquired early from a first WHF for Wave Masters Tournaments wasn't reading cards and / or making line dents on them. Perhaps maybe sometime I could post more once I get a new or fix the scanner. I also have SSR2's and EXE4~6 Secret Guides which show off such things as Event related info, battle strategies, merchandising, etc.

The first page shows the specs of the Card, it's first phase attack is Giga Missles for 100 3x3, and a Nebula Laser for 400. It also states that the Nebula Laser damages Invisible status. Dates for it were 6/23~4 in 2007, for GBA Slot transmission. Least from how Japanese Pocket Monsters Distribution was at the time.


The second page shows that the Wave Battle Card will also be distributed at the Event as a Special Wave Battle Card that can only be acquired at the Event. The Effect of the Card on SSR transforms a single Mega Class Card (only if present) into the Giga Class Card Andromeda once per-Wave in. There's also information about Wave Battle Card Booster Packs for Rockman Fire Leo (June) and Rockman Green Dragon (July) for 189 Yen.

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