Monday, May 20, 2013

Unlocking Minigames with a Battle Chip Gate in Rockman Zero 3

Back in the GBA era of Rockman games. There was a special feature only for the original Japanese versions of the games. Excluding Card e-Reader+ functionality, you could actually use a Rockman EXE Axess Battle Chip Gate to unlock certain Minigames as an alternative. This is good especially for the player that isn't too good at these types of games, or just wants to save some time with less playthroughs of the game.


Keep in mind, I've tested the localized copy of this game and I can definitely say it does not work. This only for the original game, I'm also sure there's more Battle Chips out there that could work with it. I honestly don't feel like taking out all my chips to test each minigame with it. Below are some of the ones I've used for my results. I may update the listing at a later time if I have anymore of an interest. Oh, and I already submitted this to GameFAQs. Thanks.



Battle Chip







MeteorRedSun & BlueMoonRay


MeteorRedSun & BlueMoonRay


  1. that looks awesome man

  2. Wow... they went this far with the game connection ?

    Amazing. I pull my hat of the past Capcom/Keiji...

    Nice Wireless Controller btw.

    1. It's pretty nuts how far they went out with merchandising. Even besides getting the Z Saber Mega Class Chip that's in the Secret Library, "Let's have fans play other series games for new things.". Amazingly, Z4 stopped with all the merchandising / connectivity with other things.

      The Wave Birds are great. Nintendo actually did it the right way before anyone else did. I don't have any Silver swag though, just the normal ones.