Sunday, December 1, 2013

PocketStation & Pocket Link Max Stats Saves Update


It's been almost a month since the re-release of the PocketStation as an emulator for the PlayStation Vita released. Since then, I've corrected some things I wasn't too happy with on the PocketStation side of my game saves for Rockman 1~6 on the PSX. This time the revised release has Perfect stats for both Rockman and the Bosses for each game as much as the games (including the PocketStation's Pock Rock 1~6) allows them to go.


















From my calculations with my 80/27 Rockman & Bosses. This chart represents the maximum stats for attacks on 4~6. While the overall when viewing the PocketStation on the PSX game should be 27 (on 1~3 Data Library as well). Yamatoman was odd, since he could gain 2 more stat points, but his attack wouldn't go up any further than those, so it doesn't change in the main game on 6 utilizing Pocket Link with him. This should help anyone wanting to achieve the most out of the Pocket Link, that aren't using my saves. You can also keep in mind that if you wanted to go this route, the SP "Speed" stat is only used on the PocketStation, and the stat will not be displayed on the main game. Even though it does get saved on the Memory Card save data. You could also swap attack 3&4 if you wanted to with Rockman and other Bosses, but I think's better to have what it gives you. It might be a good way to change what you want to get attacks up if you know what you're doing, then again, it might decrease the attack on the main game...


When I had acquired a PocketStation in 2001ish. I only bothered to level up Rockman with maximum stats, it wasn't until 2007ish when I decided to get LV99 Bosses going. I did it pretty lazily though, I had only gotten them from the Team Battle if I saw any LV99s. I must have been busy or something, and I think it was in the Summer time a little before Ryuusei no Rockman 2 was announced. In 2011, I released PS3 versions of my saves. Since I was rebuying them as they were still releasing on PSN and I still never thought to maximize them then either, since I only use the Rockman LV99 only saves I've made for doing practice runs carefree. The PocketStation for Vita really made me want to redo this and experiment in different ways. I've had a long history with my saves, I really love how you can use the old saves with the PSN versions. I usually favor the PSN releases now adays due to HDTV support and not having to use my actual discs.


While it is random how leveling up goes, with different stats being powered up. I've found that it was best to simply use a blank save and save what you want to level up from LV00 off saving them on the PSX game. It might not achieve the max HP&SP with maximum attacks. But 87% of the time, you can usually achieve a perfect Boss or Rockman depending on how lucky you can get. I'm pretty sure on December 5th, there's going to be download up for free PSN members, I forget if it costs 500 yen or if it's free. So it's definitely worth it if you wanted to get a Vita anyway with something extra and it might be the next best option if you didn't want to use older hardware / getting PocketStation emulation to work on a computer. I plan on getting a Vita TV down the road for the emulation on the TV, even though I am done now with what I wanted to do with it. I still have a fond memory of the PocketStation and these games which I'll always end up cherishing.


  1. I remember getting frustrated back in the day when my Lv99 characters didn't have max stats, so I really want to congratulate you on the time and effort spent on this achievement!

    1. Thanks a lot! It took me more than a month to really level up everything. It was very annoying and just did it in the background with whatever else I'd be doing and just checked them out on the games when they were done.

      I've also included the PocketStation data so that anyone can load them up on their saves if they wanted. It can also be done on the PocketStation for Vita too with using my saves and saving them to the PocketStation data that you could create with these games. The Vita isn't so bad with the feature as well, it's what made me want to go back and try doing this.