Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rockman EXE Sound Box & Arrange Best Track ~ Unboxing

A Sound Box and finally an actual Arrange CD for the EXE Series has been released. There isn't too much to say for the Sound Box, it's simply just past releases (EXE1~3, EXE4&4.5&5, and EXE5DS&6 Complete Music Encyclopedia (Not at all!)) with an extra disc for Battle Chip GP and N1 Battle music. I have no idea why they wouldn't put Battle Chip Stadium's BGM, Transmission, EXE WS, or even a recomposed version of the Cell Phone games. Instead they lambed it not even trying to re-record things this time. The first disc of the Sound Box and onward thought they were older releases on my Audio CD dumping program. Not to mention the big change on the EXE5DS&6 disc has things reordered for the incomplete BGM for EXE5DS first, then EXE6 with an axed out Hakushaku -crossover ver.- from it's previous release because it was Bokura no Taiyou related. Konami must have the rights to that track because it states so inside the book of that older release perhaps?


All in all. If you have the older 3 releases. You aren't missing much and should save your money unless you really like the EXE Series enough to have it. I also made this a while back to go along with the older releases. The only thing you're missing out on with this release is Battle Chip GP and N1 Battle and that's really it. I haven't personally listened to the Arrange CD yet, but I'm excited for the treatment.


MP3 release coming up later today.

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