Saturday, January 12, 2008

Same Stuff ~ 7 Years Later



I've recently completed the first Rockman EXE game in Japanese. It's the only I didn't actually have in my Japanese Collection of the EXE Game Series. The English Version I had at the time when that released in the USA, I didn't bother importing the Japanese Versions until Battle Network Rockman EXE2 came out in Japan.



I couldn't hack the game to get Forte F originally, everytime I tried putting it in the Sack it wouldn't stay in the F Code when I tried moving it. I never even heard of there being an A or O Code of it before, since I had a Patch Code for a certain Cheat Device that would bring it up in that. Since there's no Region Lock linking up with different Regions of the game, I decided to take my old English Version to transfer the Battle Chip over and that worked perfectly. And I only transferred 1 over, since I'd think that's how it was done back then at the World Hobby Fair Event.


There's some differences with the Japanese Version of this game anyways as you might notice with the Title Screen Background, the way the Battle Chips have a / instead of a Square in the English Version for Null Battle Chips (which is also used for EXE2+). There might also be a difference with the Internet Area Shops. The BGM will change when you enter the Shop into the Indoors BGM. I'm not too exactly sure though, it's been at least 7 years since I've played the English Version, I can't remember. I guess I'm too lazy to find out. I'm sure there's many more differences that you could probably find anyways.



I loved playing this game again, it brought back a lot of memories. It took me a while to get into it back then coming from the other Rockman Series' out there, the big thing in the year 2000 at the time was Rockman X5 and X6 in 2001. I definitely had my time in occupied worrying about the other series, especially collecting the PSX and Saturn games.I actually do remember when the Gameboy Advance and Gamecube were announced in Summer 2000, pictures of Battle Network Rockman EXE were abound. It looked so much different at least back then comparing it to the Original Series with those odd looking designs. Back then it was only the first, which meant there were no such things as Style Changes to get me more hooked then I was. I wasn't exactly an Importer of the different Rockman Series though until that Fall collecting the Rockman Complete Works Series games for the PSX. I only wish I had known that Gameboy in general was usually always Region Free for the Systems and it's not like the Super Famicom Games to SNES or Japanese N64 games to English N64 Console. I would have gotten myself a Japanese GBA and this game since it was a launch title at the time in Japan. I'm pretty much caught up at this rate having some rare materials for this series and it's prodesscesor anyways.


I've recently booted up my Japanese Version of EXE2 as well, I need to still collect the RegUp Programs to get to 50MB. Thinking of replaying Battle Network Rockman EXE3 & EXE3 BLACK though. There's some various reasons why I'd want to restart those, as I'm planning on restarting EXE4 with the Modification Cards for Card e-Reader+ I have. It would tide me over anyways for whenever I get the last Modification Card I need for that game. The Last Card I need in the set does something Cheezy and makes my Charged Shot SpreadGun. It just makes it that much sweeter to restart once you have all the Cards for that game. Ryuusei 2 can be put on the back burner, I could get the other versions of those finished some other time, it's not like there's things that are that version exclusive. I feel like it's a lot more fun to play the EXE Series games. Ryuusei 2 was disappointing. They should have just called it 1.5. Wi-Fi Wave Battles didn't solve any problems for me.


I'm honestly more happy to spend more time doing some EXE Series playing.


  1. Is that why you switched it to Nigoli's EXE & Shooting Star Series Rockman Blog?

    Although I haven't played it, I've heard that Ryuusei 2 was indeed a disappointment. Especially with the lagtastic Wi-Fi battles.

    I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Of Course.

    Sorry if the Template has been also looking odd today. I was trying to fix it so I can have a wider view of text and pictures. I was having problems earlier getting the Battle Network Rockman EXE Pictures to be setup side by side, instead it was one picture above the other. T_T

    I enjoy to hear that. It's nice to see people actually read it. I have many improvements to make with the Template, you can subscribe to RSS if you want to get yourself update if you have an RSS Manager. I usually use Trillian's News Plugin.

    I'm not really lookng forward to Ryuusei 3 if they do end up making one. They should stop if the sales are low and have the EXE Series Revival. Even if it were something in-between or after the events of EXE6. Like an Official EXE7. =P

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  4. Hey Nigoli, I saw your save with Forte chip, that was awesome, I tried to obtain the chip via cheat, but it just gave me an A code and won't show the code in its picture, now your save really helped me out :D
    I like EXE and Ryuusei series and hope they will go on (EXE has ended though,) as long as they don't run out of good ideas and end up making a bad one.