Wednesday, December 19, 2007

RnR 1&2 OST Tracklist Confirmed & Translated

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Suleputer recently updated their site listing for the Ryuusei no Rockman 1&2 Original Soundtrack. I translated most of the Tracklist that wasn't in English originally, since the Japanese Tracklist has a shared amount of English and Japanese Tracknames. I couldn't translate Disc 1, Track 36 and Disc 2, Tracks 13 & 14. Luckily and pretty fast, Gigablah @ VGMDB translated the last 3 Tracks I couldn't translate.


Disc 1Disc 2
01 Shooting Star01 Shooting Star(Ver.RR2)
02 Hometown02 Hometown
03 Bright Indoors03 Roppondou Hills
04 Science04 Yaeba Resort
05 Homeroom05 Donburaa Lake
06 Yashibu Town06 Nansca Village
07 Dream Island07 Wave Square
08 Space Station08 Wave World
09 Weightlessness09 Sky Wave
10 Cyber World10 Warning Bell!!
11 Wave World11 OBake Extravaganza
12 Warning Bell!!12 Snowstorm
13 Runaway Truck!13 Lakebed Search
14 ROCKET SHOOTER14 Patterns on Desolate Ground
15 Studying!15 Bermuda Labyrinth
16 Anaconda16 Mu
17 Dust Crash17 Destroy the Requiem
18 Last Battlefield18 Theme of Orihime
19 Space!?19 Melody of Loftiness
20 Theme of FM Seijin20 Incident!!
21 Friendly Frequency21 Restlessness in the Air
22 Incident!!22 My Friends
23 Radio Conversion!!23 Sentimental Journey
24 Battle Prelude24 Radio Conversion!!
25 Ride On25 Battle Prelude
26 Wave Battle26 Ride On
27 Last Battle27 Wave Battle
28 Winner!!28 Face of God
29 Loser...29 Network
30 GAME OVER30 Road To Victory
31 Tension31 Sky High Coliseum
32 Merry Fellows32 Winner Of Skyhigh
33 Agonizing Wish33 Our Carved Memory
34 Loneliness 
35 Moving Scene 
36 The Place You Must Return To 


Limited Prints of the CD Set also include Legend Force Card, "Misora". Which allows you to just use her Favorite Cards in a BrotherForce. The Original Soundtrack will also release on 01/16/2008. I expect to have my copy that week on Wed-Thurs hopefully if it's coming from Amazon Japan.

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