Friday, February 22, 2008

EXE4 Battle Master's Bible ~ Soul Entries

Rockman EXE4 Battle Master Bible

Battle Master's Bible


I've recently obtained the Battle Master's Bible to EXE4. It shows just about every Power Up and Battle Chip to EXE4 and on Maps so it's easy to pin-point where each item is. It covers what's in each Playthrough, 1~3 and 4+ which is very nice especially if you're restarting. The only thing that it lacks is the Secret Chip Library (Shows how you get them though), Duo D, DarkMemory, Card e-Reader+ information. For 399 Pages, it was definitely worth it in the end I thought. It may not be as big as the "Rockman EXE5 Official Kanzen Guide (Revised Edition)", but it's very nice especially for a Non-Secret Guidebook for this game finally. Better than Capcom Books Original Release only being around 200+ Pages or so.


I've recently restarted Rockman EXE4 Tournament Red Sun & Blue Moon for fun on my Game Cartridges. This was a mystery to me on my previous game as I faced against Numberman on my 4th Playthrough at the Hawk Tourmament on Red Sun, and Fireman on Blue Moon. I thought that you could actually just fight the other version Soul Navis on 4~6 Playthroughs. Not to mention you can Encounter the V2~3 & SP Soul Navis from the other versions like this and get Records for them instead of linking up both versions.

Soul Entries

It seems that Soul Entries from other versions are the only way to do this, especially from the beginning of the game trying this. The Battle Master's Bible states that this can be done. You also must need to get the Soul Unison in the certain version in order to send entries to another.


City Battle Tournament (Red Sun Left | Blue Moon Right)


Hawk Tournament (Red Sun Left | Blue Moon Right)


Red Sun / Blue Moon Tournament


This is only on my First Playthrough too. Back then I usually played these games at the same point getting to a certain extent on both before going back to the other. I've been doing the very same now.


  1. Awesome stuff, its like, the bible the cult fanatics of Rockman need! Did it come with the micro and both versions or did you just add them in? :P

  2. I just added them in to make it look cool. =P

    I've been using the Micro and the GB Player to play. I use the Micro before I go to sleep. I sometimes use my Japanese GBA SP and American SP or Original GBA to transfer data.