Friday, February 8, 2008

EXE4 Parts 1~4 Complete ~ DarkMemory?

EXE4 P1~4 Complete ~ DarkMemory?

#027 makes Collection Full Circle | GBASP KeysFactory Armor, Carts, and SCT Cards


I've finally obtained the last Modification Card for Rockman EXE4 that I was missing, #027. It's a Charge Weapon Modification that turns the Charge Shot into SpreadGun to Modification Address 0E. It's a shame to be missing such a weak card out there, but then again Part 1 seems to be rare altogether to see around certain places, including it's Box of 30 Packs. On YJ! Auctions, it usually used to sell for around 5,000 Yen in 2004 when the first part came out in Feburary 2004. Another time in 2005, I saw it going for over 20,000 Yen. In the Present time in 2008. I've seen it an auction for around 5,500. Just like the price for 2004. I always figured there was a demand issue not having enough prints for Part 1. It was always common for me to usually see Parts 2-4. Even on NCS I've seen Modification Card Part 3, and that's purely an Import Game Site in English. I bought a Box of Part 3 from there before I was into auctioning in late 2004. It was right on my 18th Birthday, I had the money and just took a shot not caring about cost. It's kind of how I got the Duo D Special Chip Transmission Card in the second picture, which was also rare to see and that was way after around the time of Survival Netbattle 04' in the Summer. It was definitely worth it taking the risks. Having the Cards and the Data was a legendary thing back then I thought, especially in the EXE4 days back when there weren't such ways like Cheat Device codes to make customary data to get the Sometype of Data for GrandPrixPower G and Duo D.


Dumping Dot Code Data digitally for Fun


Looking at the Cards always made me want to have them, especially the reports in CoroCoro Magazine back when PMM used to have Scans up. My Cousin originally had a USA e-Reader at the time back when that released in 2003 I think? I was showing off my Gameboy Advance SP before it was even released in America. Then he showed me the e-Reader, I always liked the fact that you could play classic NES games. I did end up purchasing an English one before I bought a Japanese Card e-Reader+ for the Rockman Cards just to see how it was like. I never ended up getting the Super Mario Advance 4 e-Cards due to the USA release being incomplete in the end having no third and fourth series? I also never ended up purchasing the Japanese Version for the Card that comes bundled with the game, "World 1-1". When the Japanese Release of Rockman EXE4 came out, I didn't bother looking at the back of the box to see what it was compatible with. Then the first CoroCoro Issue showing off the Cards really excited me. I knew since I had an interest with the EXE Series that I had to get these Cards no matter what. It's also 4 years in the making just about for my EXE4 Modification Card Collection, it was a long road in the end in terms of collecting the Cards with Dot Codes on them. I have #000~#132 at this point in time now. I'm missing some Part 1 Character Cards and a couple of Part 2 Character Cards, otherwise that's probably the only thing I'm missing that I'm not really concerned about only because there's no Dot Code on the Cards for sending it to the game.




I'm also really not sure what to make of this. As far as I remember back in the EXE4 era, this Navi Customizer Program takes up the 5x5 of the Navi Customizer MAP, and the effect of the block allows you to use Dark Chips without using 1HP for every battle that you use Dark Chips. I actually remember seeing this on PMM during before Spring 2004 or then. It's obtained via e-Reader+ Card, and acquired by purchasing the Advanced PET ~ Forte Version. I'm assuming this is for First Prints. Some others have said it's called DarkLicense like EXE3 or called it that upon assumption. And that it could be acquired through the Battle Chip Gate and slotting in a certain Chip. But there's no way to actually do this anyways, since having the Battle Chip Gate connected upon Boot Up makes it so you can only choose Operation Battle Mode at the Title Screen of the game and play a seperate game mode. Yes, you could attach it while it's in the main game, but I haven't had any luck using any of the Battle Chips I have. I think this is another assumption again due to the whole Rockman Zero 3 ordeal with the Battle Chip Gate device with that, as you can use just two Battle Chips to unlock 4 Minigames right at the Start of the game.


I've done some Search Engine checking. I've seen information for DarkMemory (Yes, It's definitely called DarkMemory from my sources) being a Card, and having some Cheat Code effects. Although I have not been able to get them to work due to the programming of EXE4 and it's Random Data Blocks. In the end, this is probably the last thing I'm missing in Rockman EXE4. I'm forced to just carry on with what I have right now. Even searching around in early 2004 on YJ Auctions, I have never seen this Card ever. It's more like a nightmare for me. It's impossible to get this legit unless there was such a thing as a Time Machine. Using RockmanDS would have been nice without losing any HP, the only thing that holds me back is not having DarkMemory. If I had that, then I'd make two saves. One for the Virtue State and one for RockmanDS. Codes are welcome in the Comments if you have any to offer, I'd be greatful to obtain this anyway I can. Wish I saved the working code back in 2004 on GameFAQs.


  1. I had a quick scan through the NCP on EXE4, and I couldn't find a DarkMemory program anywhere. I saw a few codes around the place for it, but either I couldn't figure out how to use them or they didn't work at all.

    658265AF 65486556

  2. ダークメモリー
    A68B2132 8C57BBC3
    E2B35446 F9F0BABE

    Same. =(

  3. I found that one aswell, didn't work... To be honest, I doubt this thing exists.

    But there's probably something we're missing...

  4. Not unless I'm thinking of this all wrong. It's a Mod Card, isn't it? So what if it shows under the Rock menu, and isn't an NCP?

  5. There is a Freeze Static Datablocks Code around the Net if that has something to do with it to make it work.

    As for the Card, I remember seeing it as a NCP around the time. It could be very possible though as I have no actual proof.

    I ordered the Battle Master's Bible that's 399 Pages long that I needed to purchase anyways. I'm hoping something is in there before I start looking for Dark Napalm's contact.

  6. So there's a way for letting Megaman using DarkChips without losing 1 HP.

  7. Apparently so.

    There wouldn't be codes for it if it didn't exist. Not to mention it being in a certain FAQ on GameFAQs. (Not the Navi Customizer Guide)

  8. That's cool. It's suitable for the DarkMega fan like Trivius/Trivial.

  9. I asked Yen (Asukura Yoh) about it a while ago, and he said he doesn't remember much about it, unfortunately.

  10. would you share me the dot code for grandpower or duo?
    i'm looking for it very long time :(
    apologize for my bad english
    my email

  11. "There is a Freeze Static Datablocks Code around the Net if that has something to do with it to make it work."

    Where can one get this "Freeze Static Datablocks" Code ?

    Did the "Battle Masters Bible get you any new info on the game that wasn't known previously ß

    Also: Did digging up Dark Napalm Mans Contact help any ?

    1. It's been a while. I think someone did end up trying one that freezes the datablocks with the codes above. No go.

      I've never contacted Dark Napalm before. I should really try asking him about it though and see if he knows anything. Some of the old staff that I used to know from there didn't seem to know anything and forgot. He's the only hope we might have.

      I'm noting DarkMemory as something that became unused / CoroCoro Magazine error. None of the Japanese pages I go on seem to having nothing for it as a Card.