Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nintendo Channel Demo (PA Addition)

A Program Advance is formed when you pick the right cards in the Custom Screen this time, rather than the EXE Series forming the Program Advance before the Round Starts. All 3 Battle Cards will turn White and merge into 1 Battle Card, like shown in the Camera Shots.


Cannon + Cannon + Cannon = ImpactCannon (240 HP)


Sword + WideSword + LongSword = GiantAxe (320 HP)


MiniGrenade + MiniGrenade + MiniGrenade = BigGrenade (60 HP)

Demo BGM Samples:




These include the Battle Theme, Win Theme, and Normal Boss Therme. They have some SE in the beginning, but it's good enough just to hear what they'll sound like.





10 HP

Axis Jet

25 HP


15x2 HP

The SSR3 Demo hit the Japanese Nintendo Channel this Wedensday. As you can see it hosts the demo on the Wii to your DS for Download.


Box Art & Demo Title Screen


The Turtorials as usual, you can now do Camera Side as an option instead of turning the Camera On / Off. There's new Sound Effects as well. The Wave Virus Battle Theme is also pretty catchy.


After the Virus Battle Turtorials, VS. SpadeMagnets


Shown after Result Screen


The game looks like it has potential, even though the Demo seemed a little repetitive like the previous games. It also stinks there's no Noise Change System to try in this particular Demo, hence why there's no Noise Gauge in any of my Camera Shots. This gives me something to look forward to after Rockman 9 and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia at least.


  1. Hrm, is there some way to get this without a japanese wii? I'm so wanting to play this, even if it's a demo. Do you think someone's going to somehow rip that demo that'll be offered in stores and upload it somewhere? I think they were able to do that with Metroid Prime Hunters because it was on a game card, so I doubt it to be honest.. Still, thanks for posting and capturing some images. Perhaps you could record it as well and upload it onto youtube or something? That'd be great, can't wait to hear the virus busting BGM. Does Spade Magnet have another BGM then, since he's a boss?

  2. If you have something like the Homebrew Channel and don't mind doing some crazy things to your Wii to get it working for the Nintendo Channel, it could work. But Nintendo could track you down.

    People have been able to Dump DS Demos, but requires certain devices and Packet Sniffing. I have not been able to get any of it to work, even trying to grab such data when it's being sent to the DS.

    I was actually dumping the BGM before I saw your post. Enjoy it before the Release. I'm so happy it actually went on the Nintendo Channel today. =P

  3. Hrm, okay, I don't think I'll risk my wii like that though. Hopefully someone'll dump the demo and upload it somewhere. Weird how I'm getting excited for a demo when the real game's coming in two weeks. XD

  4. Hi, nice info. Didn't notice the demo has been released :D