Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Card Bragging 2010

I've finally acquired the last Special Modification Card I needed out of EXE4~6, EXE6 Punk.


Punk was originally acquired through a CoroCoro Magazine Mail-In Order for Beast Operation, which contained the Card, a Blues Navi Data Chip, a Custom Jacket for the Link PET, DoubleBeast Beast Series Chip (non-colored), and one or two other Chips that would be given away again after the Toy DoubleBeast Chip. There were only 3000 Beast Operations given out across Japan. I saw the single auction one time for around 3500 Yen, but that was back when I wasn't bent on collecting every Special Modification Card. That was around March 2006 when Beast Operation had just released. It's now 2010 and I've finally acquired the Card. It's another one of those rare cards. Just like the Duo D Special Chip Transmission Card that I obtained in another auction, which was a free giveaway at WHF 2004 Summer ~ Survival Netbattle 2004.


It's just so nice to have all of these Cards now. Instead of having some empty holders in my binders that really stand out. And I really didn't need anyone's help neither to acquire these. It was a fun hobby for the amount of time I've been collecting them. Everything after Card e-Reader+ with Rockman didn't seem as good. As a EXE4's DarkMemory Card has not been talked about, or seen since CoroCoro Magazine Issue February 2004, and reports of game memory of it being unused and non-existant. I think it's safe to say I finally own all of the Special Mod Cards for the EXE Series.


I'm not taking requests for Dot Code dumps or Card Scans at this time, that especially means not giving other places my Dot Code dumps and not getting credit for my own work. Maybe in a couple of more years or longer I'll set up some type of project like I originally planned to. Also don't mind the Images, I made them crappy on purpose so they can't be recreated.

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