Monday, March 1, 2010

Normal Playthrough Complete

I've played through the English Version of Rockman 10. It's a shame about the JPN Wii Version releasing a week later. It's a very spectacular game, just like 9 was. I like it even better than 9, even though it doesn't have the nostalgic factor 9 had when it was announced even though there's some pretty cool secrets abound in the game. The Level Design is very good. Some of the levels remind me of Rockman 6, how you could take alternate paths in certain levels. The Weapons take some getting used to, for some reason I keep wanting to equip the Laser Trident and Black Hole Bomb, maybe it's because I'm playing on the Wii. I'm looking forward playing on the 360 come the end of the month.


I still have to play through with Blues, and Hard Mode even though the ending is probably the same either way. Forte Mode, Endless Attack, and 3 Special Stages are due out in April listing in the game's Online Instructions for the American Shopping Channel. I'm really excited about the Forte. I just hope the Official Soundtrack will release soon.

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