Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[MP3] Rockman Zero Collection Soundtrack ~ résonnant vie


[MP3] Rockman Zero Collection Soundtrack ~ résonnant vie


CD Info
Title: Rockman Zero Collection Soundtrack ~ résonnant vie
Publisher: III (Inti Creates)
CD Catalog Number: INTIR-021
Encoding CMD Line: -V 0 %s %d -m s -h -p -c
Lame Version: LAME 3.98.4
Release Date: April 21st, 2011
Rip Release Date: May 4th, 2011

Encoded by Nigoli



Here we are again. Just when you thought it was done. Yet, another Arrangement for the Zero Series. Oddly enough it's not a part of the "REMASTERED TRACKS" line, and instead named after that Zero Collection and it's almost a year since Mythos released. I honestly haven't given this a listen to yet. And I'm quite tired of the Zero Series music, especially after a 6th arrange album. I only bought the CD since I had all the other ones. Not to mention naming it after the Zero Collection again (which really did nothing for me). I wouldn't mind seeing a different Rockman Series arranged personally. And I'm sure we will some time after Rockman DASH3's release on the Nintendo 3DS. I really think DASH Series and EXE Series could use arrangement work. Hopefully enough they don't decide to pull a 7th Arrange Album for a Zero Series for next year... (-_-)


  1. I love Rockman Zero

  2. I enjoy the Rockman Zero series and the music but I'm also getting sick of all the Zero overexposure. More love for another MM/RM series, please.

  3. A Rockman.EXE rearrangement would be what we need !

    Anyways, nigoli, since I don't know another way to get in touch with you I ask you here:

    I read this post of yours:

    and it seems you got all/nearly all complete now.

    I saw that E-Reader Codes were turned to Codbreaker codes here aswell:

    Has there been any attemp to convert the cards you got to actual Action Replay /CB/GS Codes so People liek me who have not access to them can try them out ?

    Also, since the undersquare is sadly down ( :( ) do you know any other left mmbn places left on the net ?

    You might also remember me from here:
    and here:
    (on a side not ^ did you find that "Dark Memory" in the mean time ? Or do you remember what CoroCoro February Issue that was ?

    I'm not sure you will actually see this post, but if, I'd be glad if you could reply me here:


    Thanks in advance, and I love your blog !

  4. Thanks Pas, or rather Chipspirate.

    It's nice to see a familiar face here and there.

    Unfortunately there hasn't. The programming seems to be really buggy with EXE4 in such a way with it's random data blocks that it's impossible to make things like codes. It's currently unknown if the localized version of these games have their data erased for activating Modification Cards. I'm pretty sure it's different from 5 and 6 where they're already in the game. I believe it's much like the Event Battle Chips where there's made-up data that the Card e-Reader+ generates, the Kaizou Card itself for 4 might be a desired effect, Kaizou address, and game reads it like that. Text description is probably also generated as well in 4's Kaizou System. I'm really not too sure myself all the way though.

    I'm also sorry about TUS. I've saved everything I've ever done on there. There's always other fansites to visit, as long as they have the kind of passion like I did, I'm sure they'll keep posting new developments and their thoughts. I really don't visit many Rockman fansites at all myself. I really just visit and gaming news sites that are Japanese.

    It's really too bad that Keiji Inafune left Capcom. I'm really worried about what's going to happen in the future with different Rockman Series. Especially with how Rockman DASH 3 could end up. I would also love to see some sort of Action RPG game like EXE or SSR on the 3DS. Who knows though. We can always enjoy our old games to death though!

    I have some stuff that can be posted at some point when I get the chance and some future works. I have some stuff planned for the Summer in coming weeks. I've also really been busy with all the Event Stuff for Pocket Monsters unfortunately and other games.

    As for the CoroCoro, it could have been 02/2004 (March) or 03/2004 (April). I'm sure there's some sort of archive that has the old issues somewhere that you can purchase them like Amazon JP. I'm definitely sure it's there, and that sparked attention to what might have been a mistake on their part. Maybe some day I could go after the issue if I can locate where to find it for purchase.

  5. Wow ! Thanks for your reply !

    About that modification gear:
    This is a dot Matrix readable by E-Reader, right ?
    Do you think you could Scan/dump these and umpload the so some One could Write an Interpreter for using them in an Emulator ?

    (I you scanned them, do you think it might be possible to go ahead and use them with an actual E-Reader ?

    I got the Hapanese Rockman.EXE Version and would buy a E-Reader to try that out.

    Thanks for your answer :).

    The fact that this CREATES data rather than Access Data already there seems like an awesome Thing and makes me Love this Game Even more :).