Friday, August 10, 2012

Game Center CX Rockman 4 / Blog FAQ

Game Center DVD Box 8 ~ Rockman 4

I've been watching this show lately and figured we need a better quality version of that Rockman 4 episode. So here it is, and straight from the DVD Box 8. Both episodes are combined into one on the DVD Version.


How come you never update this Blog anymore?

Other interests really. Other games and helping out with other game franchises / sites has really tied me up. There hasn't been too much Rockman going on these days. It could be days, months, or a over year at least like this update.


Will you be getting that E-Can 25th Anniversary Set?

Definitely. I have it preordered and will be making a post about it along with an MP3 encode. Don't expect them in FLAC though. The 1~6 CW was the main reason why I wanted them, single releases or not. Even if I have an R9 E-Can and the E-Can Cushion, this will also be lovely. It'll probably be my next update on here for Rockman though.


I want to buy Battle Chips and e-Reader+ Cards off of you.

Sorry. I don't have any plans for selling any of my collection or spares of things I own. You never know though. Maybe some day I will.


I've been linked to this Blog from an illegal ROM dumping website, will you share us any dumps?

I appreciate the traffic, but there are no dumps of things like the Card e-Reader+ related material on this blog. Reasons being is because nobody respects them enough, they take credit that isn't theirs, and it's just plain illegal. I'm not involved with any dumps on other places. You can either download them from some other place or acquire them on your own and figure out how to dump them yourself.


What are you wishing for related to Rockman?

I'm sure a new game would be hard thing to do for now. I gave my thoughts about Action RPG Rockman (like EXE, SSR). I don't think Project X Zone is any saving grace, even if it has some characters from different series in there. I like how Capcom is releasing more of the older games on Virtual Console, like the 3DS Virtual Console. Rockman 6 would be something nice for the Wii. That way we could get 6 on PSN to finish the Famicom era games off, excluding RockBoard. I'd definitely like a new game for the 25th Anniversary, and not just the E-Can 10 CD Set.


  1. Replies
    1. Unfortunately not. The SA-GCCX Team is usually good though, and I have uploaded this to the Gaki-no-tsukai forum. I don't think they bother subbing DVD Versions. But if they had good TV versions, they'd definitely do it considering they've done Rockman 2, 1, and 3.

      The TV Version of 4 had the worst kind of Raw Version I thought. The DVD Version is better for viewing. I hope I can also find HDTV versions of 4 at some point too.

  2. I would to receive some clarification on what you meant by people not respecting you.

    Are they not giving you credit for card dumps or you feel that people either don't thank you enough or that people don't hold the same zeal as you do for the E-Reader+ cards.

    Sorry if this is a bit vague, these are just some common meanings I could think of from your words.

    1. Sorry for the confusion. Yes, they definitely don't hold the same zeal for it.

      They just don't respect "it" enough, for what it was anyway. The typical person would want to just use saves or codes apparently, and on a localized game that has everything tampered with compared to the original. At least that's how I've seen things. I usually do take requests if people want things done on their saves if they have a Japanese save.

      Most people with the piracy scene just want dumps for their collection. I also don't think that they care about what these types of Cards do. Especially the more rarer ones out there. I doubt they'd ever play these games, even in their original form.