Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rockman Series E-Can Cushion

Opening the Box with the E-Can Cushion inside



Item Label & Cushion next to new CDs


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Let me start by saying this was worth the wait and definitely a good item to get for any Collector. The Cushion is bigger than I expected it to be. It has cotton probably from how it feels, and the surface of it is very smooth and durable too. The Black Marking print on it has a nice feel to it. I just couldn't pass this up when they announced this with the RM10OST. I knew I'd have to get the Bonus Disc from e-Capcom, I knew other places like Amazon Japan wouldn't get something like that. I missed out on the RM9 Pins because of the whole restock, even preordering the first day the page was up.


Hopefully there'll be an easier way to acquire one, and not just from e-Capcom. I recommend it for any fan of the Series, it's right up there next to the E-Can Drink (thanks MajinTB!) with the coolness and nostalgic factor.

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