Saturday, December 15, 2007

More Details for Wave Masters 2008 (Data Transmission) ~ Battle Card Ver.





1/13 (Sunday)


Kyocera Osaka Dome

1/19 (Saturday)


Makuhari Messe

1/20 (Sunday)

1/27 (Sunday)


Nagoya Dome

2/03 (Sunday)


Fukoka Yahoo! Dome


Capcom has updated it's Wave Masters 2008 Homepage with Details. A Legend Card will be given out at the Event, it's not listed which Card.


KingGrandeur (Battle Card Transmission)



The "Tribe King" Battle Card has now been confirmed a name, "King Grandeur". We have yet to see the RaMu Battle Card announced this coming Summer.


King Grandeur footage

RaMu (Berserk Version) footage

RaMu (Shinobi Version) footage

RaMu (Dinosaur Version) footage


FirstRockman (Brother Transmission)


Having the original Rockman 8-Bit Rockman Sprite, FirstRockman has 1300 KizunaForce. It's undetermined what he actually gives being a Brother with him. His Favorite Battle Cards include a variety of Stage Battle Cards and a GoatKungfu Battle Card. I'm assuming that Favorite Cards for FirstRockman upgrade or may change once you reach further points in the Main Story Scenario like In-Game Brothers in the Brother Band System and Legend Master Shin for the first Ryuusei.


  1. it seem you have figured to get tribe king and ra mu card good job it will be great if you posted and btw is there any news that yu can get rockman x and other rockman series brothers??

  2. It's only too bad that it's on the Full Data to the Battle Cards. But they are stored in the game at least somewhere, different from Ryuusei 1 with the Andromeda Battle Card.

    The only thing that's been seen in the dump was FirstRockman. I can only confirm FirstRockman at this time.