Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Special Stage 1 (Enker Stage)

Stage Start, I love the Backgrounds for this Stage, probably my favorite out of the Special Stages.


You'll notice right away that the similarity between this and Rockman World for GB.


Disappearing Blocks. This isn't too bad if you know how to Jump up above the next block, instead of waiting for the jump and timing it. There's a couple of bombs here too.


Again, just like RW1, the Tricky Spike part is here.


There's some Mets, Sniper Joes, and finaly Changkey throwers near the end of the Stage.


Drills before Boss hatch.



And he's hell of a lot quicker this time around. When he runs, he does a slide over to the other side of you. He'll jump twice to get to the other side of the screen, or just do one big jump. Sometimes he'll even do his Mirror Buster absorb power with his lance in the middle of the screen just to throw you off, depending on where you're currently standing. Like RW1 for GB, he's pretty easy with his pattern. The only weakness is the Rock Buster. You can use the other two Special Stage Weapons in Time Attack once you clear the desired Special Stage. I haven't gotten a chance to try the S.Crusher nor B.Cracker.


After you defeat Enker, you'll get a Clear Time. If it's your first time completing the Stage, your System Data will flag Mirror Buster unlocked for every game mode. This means all Saves when you start them up (can be saved after load), and New Playthroughs, Time Attack, and Endless Attack. The Weapons can only be used by Rock only. Blues and Forte never get these Weapons, even hacking them in manually makes the game freeze trying to use them.

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