Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Special Stage 3 (Ballade Stage)

Stage Start. The Background and walls look more like the first Wily Stages in Rockman World 4 with this Stage. It's a lot more short compared to Special Stage 1&2.


Jumping can be a pain here with the Bombs, you just have to take your time with jumping and shooting them.


Again the utilizes the more newer enemies in the main game.


A more unique type of enemy or obstacle if you will, are the Missles from the first couple of Wily Stages in World 4. You can simply just shoot them and they'll explode. Don't stand too close to them though while shooting.



I almost thought this Stage was going to have an alternate path. I was about to take this route if it was. Luckily enough there was an E-Can and Big Energy pickup inside. I'm just still in amazement that the previous Special Stage and this one have an E-Can.


Right before the Stage's end and the Boss coming up, it's exactly like how you fought Ballade after his transformed phase, and had to use some type of weapon that can shoot in different directions to get through. It's not as bad as that was though, and not as a scrolling esque thing this time this time. Triple Blade, Rebound Striker, and even the Screw Crusher work nicely here. Screw Crusher has a lot of Weapon Energy for what you'll need it for.


Boss Hatch.



He's like he was in Rockman World 4. I'm quite honestly disappointed how fast I was able to destroy him with Screw Crushers. He's not too bad, if you're using the Rock Buster even though it takes one peg off. Just explode his bombs, and avoid when he walks over to you after the jumping face planting Ballade Crackers. He never took into his Second Form neither. The Sprite Data is definitely in the game too, maybe it changes if you defeat him once. I'll have to replay the Stage at some point.


After you defeat Ballade, you'll get a Clear Time. If it's your first time completing the Stage, your System Data will flag Ballade Cracker, like Mirror Buster and Screw Crusher before it unlocked for every game mode. This means all Saves when you start them up (can be saved after load), New Playthroughs, Time Attack, and Endless Attack. The Weapon can only be used by Rock only. Blues and Forte never get these Weapons, even hacking them in manually makes the game freeze trying to use them.

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