Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Special Stage 2 (Punk Stage)

Stage Start. The Background and walls look more like the Wily Stages in Rockman World 3 in this Stage. It's a little more short compared to Special Stage 1.


This Stage utilizes the more newer enemies in the main game. Surprisingly enough there's actual an E-Can pick up in the Stage, it's a pain to get to, unlike Special Stage 3.



Platform jumper from Blademan's Stage, you could probably just use Rush Jet if you have enough.


Parachute Bombs. The first two Crushers here both slammed down at once for me. There's also Metools here and Sniper Joes.


Spider and Sniper Joe before Boss Hatch. Background is like that of RW3.




He's like he was in Rockman World 3, just like Enker in World 1. He'll usually throw 3 Screw Crushers at you as he jumps in the same spot, they're pretty easy to dodge once you get the timing right. The Mirror Buster worked the best against him, then again I didn't have B.Cracker on me before this because I did it in order. Since there's no Slide, you'll have to jump over him if he's in the middle or too high when he's doing his phase to get to the other screen with his pattern. It's kind of odd fighting him though, it's a shame you can't used charged Rock Buster shots against him like World 3. I ended up using Rock Buster shots to finish him off, since I was tired of getting used to the Mirror Buster and his Screw Crushers to get absorbed.


After you defeat Punk, you'll get a Clear Time. If it's your first time completing the Stage, your System Data will flag Screw Crusher, like Mirror Buster unlocked for every game mode. This means all Saves when you start them up (can be saved after load, New Playthroughs, Time Attack, and Endless Attack. The Weapon can only be used by Rock only. Blues and Forte never get these Weapons, even hacking them in manually makes the game freeze trying to use them.

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