Friday, November 14, 2008

SSR3 Event Battle Card & Crown Data

Update 06/29/09:

 (U) Codes added.


Update 11/29:

Added Crown Data Activation. The Blue Crown is being given out Wirelessly at Wave Masters 2009 ~ Winter. You can pretty much change up AB~CD for the Values and put the different color Crowns in different positions where you want them. However, I'm assuming the Blue Crown is assigned to Position #1 (AB) for the actual Event Acquisition. It's also another assumption for the Silver and Gold Crowns later on. Hopefully someone can be seen with the actual Blue Crown on Wi-Fi after the days of the Event take place.



Original Red Joker (J) Code: Under.Exe (Mui Mui)
Black Ace (J) & (U), Red Joker (U) Conversion off Original Code: Myself
Card Name Translations: Josuke Midori



  • Go to Network Mode Button

  • Client / Child for Wireless Mode

  • Press A on any Empty Cell

  • Acquire Data Transmission

  • Turn Off or Exit Network Menu completely

  • Change Value on the Code to get other Data & Repeat Steps


Black Ace (JPN) CRBJ 3C7543D4
92161F14 00001869
02161F0C A8014901
02161F10 E0198001
02161F14 0000XXXX
D0000000 00000000

Red Joker (JPN) CRRJ 8EE914D0
92161F34 00001869
02161F2C A8014901
02161F30 E0198001
02161F34 0000XXXX
D0000000 00000000


9216A088 00001869
0216A080 A8014901
0216A084 E0198001
0216A088 0000XXXX
D0000000 00000000

Red Joker (USA) CRRE 78B0FB0B
9216A0A8 00001869
0216A0A0 A8014901
0216A0A4 E0198001
0216A0A8 0000XXXX
D0000000 00000000

1234 - AcidIllegal (Mega Class)
3456 - MeteorOfCrimson (Giga Class)

AB01 - Blue Crown

BC02 - Silver Crown

CD03 - Gold Crown


This time around there's no Event Brothers. A Major letdown, it definitely seems out of place for the Final Game of the Series (At least that's what it seems like for beating it last night for Main Scenario Completion).