Friday, April 24, 2009

Golden Cartridges on YJA

I'd like to apologize for not making a post for a while. I've just been busy with other games, nothing has been happening much with Rockman lately, and finally just dealing with stress in real life. I promise I'll make an attempt to post a little more often in the future.


Front / Back

A couple of months back, I've recently won one of those Golden Famicom Cartridges of Rockman 5 going around on Yahoo Japan Auctions just to see what these were all about once and for all. I didn't really collect any of the Famicom Cartridges of any of the Original Rockman games, so I figured I'd go for it. I've been also thinking about purchasing a Twin Famicom too. While it's not the Rockman 4 Golden Cartidge that's been rewarded to Boss Contest Winners or available for a large amount through Retail purchases at a certain Japanese Shop, I'm not even sure if a real Golden RM5 Cartridge exists.


Top / Bottom

Yes. These Cartidges are definitely not the real deal, as far as it goes with being exclusive. It's basically some sort of simple paint job. The Cartridge I won had some Green spots still appearing just like the Original Famicom Cart Rockman 5 had. I suppose the novelty is nice so it's like it's Gold. It's not that Shiny reflective Gold you usually see on the event / promotional Golden Famicom Carts or FDS Disks.