Sunday, June 16, 2019

Rockman Mega World ~ Wily Tower Save

With the wonderful development with FPGA devices that have been releasing for some years debuted the latest from Analogue, the Mega Sg. A Sega Mega Drive / Genesis FPGA console that mimics the way a real Mega Drive operates. With the bug fixes and implementation on the "jailbroken" firmware I present you a Rockman Mega World save file that's strictly a perfect save file that's had the three games cleared and ready for Wily Tower playthroughs. Perfect for anybody wanting to save time and prefers the Famicom / NES version of these games.



The EEPROM version seems to be the only version of the game existent according to the person who analyzed the EEPROM save types for different Mega Drive games some years back. Apparently there exists two different dumps of these games and one is just a mislabeled SRAM patched version of the game so that emulators that had problems back then could play through it. I've included both of the different types for the game in case you want to run that version as well. Useful if there's Mega EverDrive features you wanted to use and don't own the Mega EverDrive X7.

It will be interesting to see how the Sega Genesis Mini will handle it's games. I'm assuming it's just a patched EUR version that runs @ 60 FPS and nothing more. I'm not a fan of the way it's handling it's upscaling and how the energy bars look scrambled and janky much like the newer Legacy Collections that have it's share of upscaling problems and input lag. I much prefer the FPGA console selection and using sqaure pixels on everything to keep things consistent without needing to use any kind of interpolation filtering at all. I'm sure slow downs won't be accurate on the Mini since it will be running on emulation.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Rockman EXE2 Aluminum Anodized GBA

I felt like showing this off. This a customized Game Boy Advance based on the Battle Network Rockman EXE2 bundle that came with a special variant GBA. I customized it through Boxy Pixel along with the Game Boy Color. The aluminum housing shell housings are machined designed to utilize putting in the brighter backlit AGS-101 screen, which is nice and very easy because there's no modifications that have to be made to the shell. The shells are also designed strictly for their rechargable batteries, which hold more time than a GBA SP and are charged using a micro USB cable. The build quality is top notch, and the brass buttons feel very good compared to the original plastic buttons. I figured it was time to do this now that the glass screen lens modeled after that GBA have been in production.



There are some imperfections as nice as the aluminum shells are. The housing for the screen is slightly not shifted enough to the left for the GBA housings. I was told by the store owner that this correction would be implemented later on. Also, the clip slots on the sides for Wireless Adapters, Gamecube Link Cable, and Chip Gates are non-existent if you're wanting to use such things, which I'm hoping gets corrected. Lastly. It feels as if the front shell is a little more green than blue for the anodized process. Colors may not be perfect exactly to what you're looking for as the andoizing process can be tricky. I'm also hoping I can have more of a bluer color for a future revision of the shell if I can. I like to think of it as a Saito Style type of GBA with the brass buttons with the outer part of the EXE mark. I think it was definitely worth the price though. If you want to DIY, you'll have to know how to solder the battery and ribbon cable placement for the AGS-101 screen. It's an awesome and modern way to play GBA today besides having GBA Consolizer. The store owner is a very nice guy as well, and the wait time was not too long. I would definitely recommend going through this method to have the best experience for any of the GBA Rockman games.