Saturday, August 21, 2010


I apologize for the lack of updates. I'm still alive and all, it's just that there's really not much going on with Rockman lately. I do have more music rips in the works to put out at some point and some other content. I've just had so much activity on the General Blog with Pokemon and Events in preparations of the new Series of games. I've typed out my opinions on possible future works of the Rockman Series for fun.


Thoughts on Portable Action RPG Rockman

It's a real shame Capcom hasn't announced something new in terms of Rockman EXE or SSR, I'm usually used to an announcement in the middle or the end of the Summer season. You'd figure they would of done something by now, especially if the new Pocket Monsters games are releasing so they could compete with them. Especially with the lack luster Zero Collection that released in June. OSS had it's faults, but I really wouldn't mind that with an EXE2DS or onward at a cheap price if they did go that route with something that isn't a new game. Anything but a Collection with a GBA Sized Screen. Maybe they're waiting for the Nintendo 3DS or haulting everything for sometime in 2011.


Thoughts on Rockman DASH 3

I gadly welcome this addition to the Series. Everyone wants it, and it's been about 10 years since the second game. It would be perfect if they went PS3 for it and maybe X360. But I'm sure I'd probably get the PS3 version considering I don't own a Japanese 360. It would be very nice if they had things like Downloadable Content for new weapons and skins. All in all, the graphics would surely look great either way.


Thoughts on Megaman Universe

I honestly don't think this is going to take off, the creepy Trailer doesn't really make me want to play it at all nor purchase it. It seems like it's geared to classic Capcom and Original Rockman more so than anything. I also don't understand why there's other Capcom Series in the Trailer too. There really hasn't been any gameplay or screenshot confirmations just yet, I just don't see it especially if it's an American Capcom product. It makes me really question the quality overall of the game.


Thoughts on Rockman 11

It's obvious that this one is coming, especially with the success of online sales and merchandising. The Ending is still left open. There's not really much to say, and why not a Trilogy of new Original Series games that are 8-Bit. For an Japanese English collaborative product, I think it's a good homage to Rockman 1~6 for the Famicom still with Rockman 9 and 10 even though there are some faults. Some of the things they can improve on are more Power Ups, like the Rush Adapters in 6, or things like Special Weapons (I suppose I can't complain with Forte Mode). I thought it was nice how they did Rockman 10 with alternate routes for certain stages. I want the exact same feel that 9 had, with the Lava ricochet off the metal. An overpowered 8-Bit game. I suppose we'll also get Duo Mode for Additional Content, and hopefully some Special Stage Bosses like 10 had with the Rockman Killers. I would love to see 8-Bit variations of the Mega World unique Stage and Bosses.