Tuesday, December 23, 2014

[MP3] Rockman Sound Box 2


[MP3] Rockman Sound Box 2

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CD Info
Title: Rockman Sound Box 2
Publisher: Suleputer (Capcom)
CD Catalog Number: CPCA-10362~71
Encoding CMD Line: -V 0 %s %d -m s -h -p -c
Lame Version: LAME 3.99.5
Release Date: December 17th, 2014
Rip Release Date: December 23rd, 2014

Encoded by Nigoli

V2 Patch Fix

only necessary if "0934 Hold Out (PS original sound) ~Getting Parts DEMO~.mp3" exists!


I apologize over this. It's my fault since I didn't double check the tracklisting with the first announced tracklisting. One of the tracks seems to be pruned in the final release which caused the screw up for me. That's the price you pay for not double checking these things.

For Windows users, put the .bat file in the Rockman Sound Box 2 directory and run it. It'll delete 13 old files that had errors, then add these newly corrected files in. All other tracks should be fine. I'll have to make a Mac version sometime.

Rockman Sound Box 2 ~ Unboxing

Just like the E Can set (which needs it's pic links fixed). Here's an unboxing of this. The GB music doesn't sound too bad, I'm not sure if there's been any instruments that seem left out like the E Can set. Though, I don't think Mega World sounds too great from the samples at e-Capcom I listened too. I still need to listen to the tracks. This set would also go great in any collection, especially with the awesome illustration picture that I wasn't expecting.


MP3 release coming up in a few hours.