Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tracklisting for Inti Bonus Disc Vol.1

01 Rockman10 Title - Arrange Version -
02 Nitro Rider - 2A03 Chip Rock mix by Hally -
03 Rockman9 8boss Stage Non-Stop Mixture
04 Chiptuned Rockman Magnetic Piece Edit
05 Galaxy Fantasy (from Rockman 9 Arrange Soundtrack)
06 Thunder Tornado (from Rockman 9 Original Soundtrack)
07 Esperanto (from Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Physis)
08 Caravan - Hope for Freedom - (from Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Physis)
09 Break Out (from Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Telos)
10 Departure (from Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Idea)
11 Theme of ZERO (from Remastered Rockman Zero)
12 Area of ZERO / Main Theme of ZERO (from Remastered Rockman Zero)
13 Innocence (from ZX Tunes)


I personally was expecting more from the Disc, I suppose it's great if you don't own most or all older Inti CDs. I never bothered to get ZX, ZXA, or the 9 Arrange Album. These are shipping today from e-Capcom with the RM10OST CD.


Source: DarkMessiah Blog (Tracklisting)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[MP3] Rockman Mega World


[MP3] Rockman Mega World



Rip Info


Title: Rockman Mega World

Publisher: Capcom

Catalog Number: T-12053 [Mega Drive]

Encoding CMD Line: -V 3 %s %d -m s -h -p -c

Lame Version: LAME 3.98.4

Release Date: October 21st, 1994

Rip Release Date: March 22nd, 2010


Encoded by Nigoli



Made it like the Family Computer 1~6 Soundtracks with the Tracklisting. I also picked out the best screenshots to use as covers for the desired parts of the collection, great for iTunes and iPhone.


Expect the Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack late this week or early next week, along with the Inti Bonus Disc Vol.1, and a Picture Review of the Rockman E-Can Cushion.

Card Bragging 2010

I've finally acquired the last Special Modification Card I needed out of EXE4~6, EXE6 Punk.


Punk was originally acquired through a CoroCoro Magazine Mail-In Order for Beast Operation, which contained the Card, a Blues Navi Data Chip, a Custom Jacket for the Link PET, DoubleBeast Beast Series Chip (non-colored), and one or two other Chips that would be given away again after the Toy DoubleBeast Chip. There were only 3000 Beast Operations given out across Japan. I saw the single auction one time for around 3500 Yen, but that was back when I wasn't bent on collecting every Special Modification Card. That was around March 2006 when Beast Operation had just released. It's now 2010 and I've finally acquired the Card. It's another one of those rare cards. Just like the Duo D Special Chip Transmission Card that I obtained in another auction, which was a free giveaway at WHF 2004 Summer ~ Survival Netbattle 2004.


It's just so nice to have all of these Cards now. Instead of having some empty holders in my binders that really stand out. And I really didn't need anyone's help neither to acquire these. It was a fun hobby for the amount of time I've been collecting them. Everything after Card e-Reader+ with Rockman didn't seem as good. As a EXE4's DarkMemory Card has not been talked about, or seen since CoroCoro Magazine Issue February 2004, and reports of game memory of it being unused and non-existant. I think it's safe to say I finally own all of the Special Mod Cards for the EXE Series.


I'm not taking requests for Dot Code dumps or Card Scans at this time, that especially means not giving other places my Dot Code dumps and not getting credit for my own work. Maybe in a couple of more years or longer I'll set up some type of project like I originally planned to. Also don't mind the Images, I made them crappy on purpose so they can't be recreated.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

DLC Schedule

Download Item


Dates 2010


Forte (Bass) Mode


200 Wii Points 160 MS Points $1.99 (PSN)

04/05 (USA) Wii 04/07 (USA) 360 04/08 (USA) PS3 04/09 (EU&JP) Wii

Unlocks Forte at the Character Select Screen. Forte has Shop access, and a unique Cutscene and Ending.

Special Stage 1


100 Wii Points 80 MS Points $0.99 (PSN)

A New Stage with Enker as the Boss. Unlocks a new weapon, Mirror Buster to use in all Game Modes.

Endless Attack


300 Wii Points 240 MS Points $2.99 (PSN)

04/26 (USA) Wii 04/27 (JPN) Wii 04/28 (USA) 360 04/29 (USA) PS3 04/30 (EUR) Wii

Test your skills on random stage screens without end. Try to break the record for getting the farthest. 

Special Stage 2


100 Wii Points 80 MS Points $0.99 (PSN)

A New Stage with Punk as the Boss. Unlocks a new weapon, Screw Crusher to use in all Game Modes.

Special Stage 3


100 Wii Points 80 MS Points $0.99 (PSN)

A New Stage with Ballade as the Boss. Unlocks a new weapon, Ballade Cracker to use in all Game Modes.


Assuming it's the same way as 9's DLC release dates. Forte can unlock Challenge 2s and Achievements like Rock and Blues. Forte Mode is the only one out of the additional content that doesn't invovle Rankings.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Special Stage 1~3 Weapons

In upcoming Additional Content for Three Special Stages, players will be able to acquire weapons from Enker (Rockman World), Punk (Rockman World 3), and Ballade (Rockman World 4) from the GameBoy games. It's unknown if you can use these in the main game, but it's probably likely since I get the same error as I did with Forte trying to use these from a save and askes for Special Stage 1 data. 9 had a single Special Stage, but you could not acquire Fakeman's weapon. Below are some specs of their attacks and what they look like, assuming that's how it's all numbered setted for the SP Stages. I'm sure these stages will be just as exciting as Forte Mode is, not to mention how the new Endless Attack will be in 10.



Mirror Buster (Special Stage 1)

A weapon acquired from defeating Enker. A Shield that converts enemy fire into Mirror shots.


Screw Crusher (Special Stage 2)

A weapon acquired from defeating Punk. A Blade that can be thrown 3 at a time at enemies.


Ballade Cracker (Special Stage 3)

A weapon acquired from defeating Ballade. It'll explode on targets, walls, and can be thrown in any direction.

Forte Mode


New Title Screen upon Forte Mode being as long as you have Forte Mode active on the Console, along with the Third choice for Player Select screen.


Game Level and Stage Select. Forte's Stage Select mug has moving eyes, just like Rock.


Forte can access the Shop too upon using him through the chracter select screen in a New Game and talk to Reggae (Wily's pet Bird). The Music is great here too, it's basically Forte's Theme in an 8-Bit mellow variation. I also love the way Reggae's beak is, it reminds you of another three games Capcom produced.


Weapon and Item Select Menu. Just to show what's Manual and Auto, plus the cool colors Forte's has that are unique for his Menus like Rock and Blues. A full list of what which of these does, plus Forte's abilities is near the bottom.




Forte Buster makes it's return from Rockman & Forte, along with Gospel Boost.


Forte Buster

Fires Round Shots unlike Rock and Blues, and can fire in any direction like R&F but down. 4 bullets on the screen at once. You can't move while shooting, but can jump firing shots. You also can't charge like Blues.


Again like R&F. You can Dash and even Dash Jump if you time it successfully. It's not as fast as in R&F though, and there's also no Double Jumping for Forte.

Gospel (Treble) Boost

You start out with this. Gospel will teleport in front of you, and you'll need to be touching with his sprite to transform into Forte Gospel. Just like R&F you can fire 3 way shots. You can fly around as long as you have the Weapon Energy for it.

Gospel (Treble) Item

An Item to purchase in the Shop. Just like Edddie, and gives an Item. Only gives 1 Item though per-spawn. Can have up to 3.

Gospel (Treble) Rescue

An Item to purchase in the Shop. Just like the way Beat acts, Gopsel will teleport to you once you fall into a pit and you'll be able to use Gospel's Boost Wings for a brief limited amount of time.


Forte can collect Weapons as well like Rock and Blues. It's definitely awesome to see what we'll get next month as Additional Content. I ended up using WiiRd Codes to make it work at first. Keep in mind if you do try using the code, save, and go back to it later. It won't work because the Forte Mode activation doesn't exist on the System. The same can be said for the three Special Weapons acquired from Special Stages 1~3.