Saturday, June 18, 2011

EXE5 GBA ToB Booklet Error | Blog Updates

Certainly an annoying thing when this game had released in 2004 before Team of Colonel GBA released in Japan. The Instruction Booklet had a screenshot of a menu selection for Link Cable or Wireless Adapter which became an unused feature. It's really odd because I remember wanting to use the Wireless function with Friends and bought a Wireless Adapter so we could play Wirelessly instead of doing stuff via Link Cable. I even bought another two Japanese ones just in case I thought this was an issue with Hardware. I also had the English Version of Zoku Bokura no Taiyou, so it wouldn't link up with my Japanese ToB no matter what I did.


There might have been problems earlier on having both Crossover Battle with Zoku Bokura no Taiyou and having the Wireless Communication with EXE5. Maybe because linking up in two different modes with the Progress Chip Gate also made things and issue. Maybe they wanted to remove the feature because they knew they'd make EXE5DS eventually.


I used to have codes made from my Friend, radikarudreamer. Which allowed the menu in the main game of EXE5 to be accessed. I still have them some where and once I find them I'll have to post them. It did, infact work with actual hardware. But the real problem was needing more than one Cheat Device in order to do such a thing entering the Client and Host Menus. We eventually just got sick of things from that point on and used Link Cable the old fashion way. Also, the Team of Colonel booklet does not have this error in there.

Summer Updates should be coming along of certain things from my collection of merchandise. Mainly CD rips (acquired some new ones recently for the more older published CDs that are pricey these days), interesting Book page scans or HQ Photos of Book pages, and probably Game Saves.


You might notice in the Game Save sections that I've added Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. My revision of the EXE4 Save I've finally completed this week, after it coming to a hault for almost more than 3 years I've finally finished it. There were some things I wasn't happy with on my first run through of the entire game that I wanted to correct. This save is especially a good one, since it has the actual Special Chip Transmission Cards used for GrandPrixPower G and Duo D that were given out at those Survival Netbattle Tournaments at the World Hobby Fair.


Saves that are Coming Soon status mean that I have the save done, it's just that I need to tinker with some things so they look more up to par with my standards. In progress means what it says it means. And Probably Never means I just don't care too much for it, and wouldn't expect anything so soon.

My wishes for the 3DS besides Dash 3 being decent are Rockman EXE3DS (some kind of EXE or new Series for 3DS that's Action RPG Rockman without any SSR, since Crossovers are getting stale. Return EXE, and don't make a not so great Collection where the screen isn't expanded). I also wouldn't mind the Wii U having some type of EXE game, it would be perfect for selecting Chips. Especially with a versus system some how if they could get another controller working with the system.