Thursday, April 29, 2010

Special Stage (Fakeman Stage)

Upon downloading Special Stage from the Add-On Content Menus, it'll show up in Time Attack. Stage Start. I love the color scheme here.


There's lots of enemies from the main game here and pits to fall in.


Wily Stage 1 enemies. You're pretty much forced to use Weapons of some sort.


Plant Mid-Boss from Hornetman's Stage.


Boulder Mid-Boss from Jewelman's Stage.


Elephant Mid-Boss from Concreteman's Stage. You'll only fight one here with a Green Ball.



Changkey Dragon Mid-Boss from Magmaman's Stage.


Big Weapon Energy.


Shark Ship Boss from Wily Stage 2. This is it for reused Bosses.


Enemies and Item pickups.



You might of seen more than one of these in the Ending of the Main game. He was actually planned to be a Boss in the Normal game, but ended up being recycled as a DLC Boss the last I heard about it.


He isn't very hard once you get the timing down. He'll run and jump around and fight round bullets at you. Jewel Satellite is his Weakness upon hitting him with it, but you could also reflect the bullets right back at him, but that only takes off 1 peg as if you were shooting the regular Rock Buster at him. Another strategy that's good incase you run out of J. Satellite is to use Magma Bazooka for the 3-way shot out of it to take 3 pegs off.



Once you defeat him you'll get a Clear Time. Unlike future games and their more than one Special Stages, you don't gain any Special Weapon upon beating him. It's kind of odd that there's an empty space in the Sub Menu for Weapons.

Blues Mode


Upon Downloading the Blues Mode Add-On Content, Special Games will open up and make a new selection for Blues Mode. Challenges/Achievements and All Clear Ranking cannot be counted for this game mode. Shop access is also can't be accessed by Blues.


You'll notice the trademark whistle from past games as he teleports in. He won't have his Shield on him for his sprite while he's standing.


When jumping, he'll be able to use the Blues Shield and it ricochet's enemy projectiles back at the enemy just like Jewel Satellite. Pretty much round shots like those. Anything else he'll block it with the Shield. Sliding is back from Rockman 3 on onward.



Blues will also be able to utilize Charged Shots for is default weapon.


Sub Menu. There's not much that can be done here for Items seeing as how Blues can't collect Screws for the Shop. You're able to pick up E and M Cans and use them just like Rockman can.



B. Coil and B. Jet. You start out with both of these. They're exactly like Rush Coil and Rush Jet.



Blues (Proto) Buster

Able to fire 2 normal bullets on the screen at a time unless you're using Blues Coil or Jet. The Charge Shot is exactly like the one in Rockman 4 and even has a new SE for charging and shooting the Charged Shot. It seems a little weaker sometimes, and you can't Charge more if you're in the Sliding state.


Have to be jumping. It'll ricochet enemy projectiles back at the enemy if they're round bullets, otherwise it blocks enemy attacks.


Exactly like Rockman 3 and onward. This will allow you speed through and reach certain places that are small and narrow instead of using the Hornet Chaser as Rock.

Blues (Proto) Coil

Acts like Rush Coil. Perfect for trying to reach high up places.

Blues (Proto) Jet

Acts like Rush Jet. Ideal for trying to get across a certain or number or platforms.



Blues can also acquire Weapons like Rockman can.

Blues is now playable right from the start in Rockman 10, without needing any DLC to play as him. He plays exactly the same as the previous game and even has access to his own unique Shop and Screws aside from Rockman and Forte.