Saturday, January 29, 2011

Game Saves Section

I've added a Game Saves section on the left, it has all the Classic saves I made back almost 10 years ago. They've been on GameFAQs for a while, but I've recently made it so they can be used on a PS3. And yes, any PSN Classic Title like Rockman 1~3 should work with these Virtual Memory Card saves.


It's kind of upsetting we have to wait until Universe for Rockman 4 and onward for Japanese PSN, yet I can't simply play it on my PS3 since it's a USA version of the console. PSX and Japanese PS2 look terrible on my HDTV. I'm basically in a situation where I have to play Rockman 5&6 via Emulator with my own backups and saves. I've had a chance to purchase Rockman 1~4 though through PSN, and it's very nice having it all internal without needing to use my Retail Discs. Which is why I couldn't wait for 4, since 4 next to 3 were my favorites when I was a Child.


Expect other systems besides just PlayStation saves at a later time.