Monday, January 1, 2018

Super Robot Wars XO ~ Rockman Event Tips

Super Robot Wars XO recently had a Rockman event published for the New Year, I will be covering what I've done and any tips to players that have questions. This should be able to net you all of the SSR Cards within so many hours from the Rockman event and give you a good start on the game if you're interested in anything Mecha from the genre. First off, I recommend trying to roll for SSR Blues in the Gasha with free rolls as you login. As SSR Rockman is free to any new players. So if you've already started an account early, I recommend starting anew by deleting the application and redownloading. Save your account through データの引き継ぎ in an existing account if you want to. I would simply reroll each time through new accounts until it happens. Eventually it should come up, and it's easy for it to come up too. SSR rates are higher for this Gasha because of the event, and it's meant to have those two cards for overall level breaking the cards up to 4 times.



From there on in and if you've acquired SSR Blues, along with SSR Rockman in the Present Box. Now is the time to access the actual event. You'll want to quest with that main button, and tap the yellow button on the top for イベント. Start the lowest quest from the bottom. After a quest is cleared, about 80% of the time. You'll encounter SSR Forte * in a battle. You will get rewards for defeating him each time, and you should reserve any Crystals you have on reserve on BP points to fight him, especially the event ones in the shop that are discounted. I would not use the maxium 2BP until you can't beat him in one go with your team. Try to make friends from guests that have strong units too to use in the event. I ended up using Quin Mantha, Unicorn Gundam (Awakened), and Seravee Gundam most of the time. If you get a Robot Master, it's probably just best to fight it once and wait it out until the timer is up. To me wasn't worth fighting them, but if you do it once and then let the timer run it, you may get an SR of any of the ones you fought. Once is enough, because they are much more powerful than Forte.


Once you've gotten an SSR Forte * to max breakthrough (maxing out the overall level of a card), feeding SSR Forte * dupes into a base one. You'll be able to acquire SSR Roll as a support card for your team from ミッション. She seems to heal HP in waves. Also, by reaching LV90 of the Forte event was able to get me everything including the voiced pilots parts (characters) through the event. You'll want to roll the Event Gasha for whatever points you earn for more chances at SSR Forte * so you can complete Forte getting SSR Roll faster, even getting the x1 SSR Forte * through the event shop points. The Event is based around having a maxed breakthrough for the SSR Forte * card. As for pilots, they are locked to those specific characters for each one. Them being event based means they are probably very limited in time. I don't think that they will be in the shop later on like other pilots are.


It's a nice auto battle game for sure. Great having Rockman again on my iDevices, it's a bit crazy seeing Gundam and Rockman together. I'm thinking about saving or spending Crystals for a 00 Raiser (GN Sword III) and trying for that randomly. I suppose all of us can be happy for what it is and enjoy the time it's around before it bites the dust like other mobile games. I still enjoy playing JP Dokkan Battle and SAOCR personally.