Monday, May 20, 2013

Rockman Xover thoughts / My SR&SR+ drops (WIP)

I will admit. I'm one person that did not admire this game much in the past. But I did end up giving it a shot, and I can definitely say, it's not too bad for a social game. While it's not the best kind of Rockman game out there, there's definitely a lot to do in the game. I really like the card system, and leveling up cards to make the stats go up higher, and certain skills might need to be used with different armors in order achieve results from winning against some of those tougher Boss Battles.


Here are some SR and SR+ Battle Memories I've acquired. While it's not as cool as the Card e-Reader+ stuff in the EXE days. It's definitely nice to see the older series' as Cards, especially the original series. I bought Credits just so I could get Kalinka in an SR+ Gauge Event for the month. I'll have to update this more with my older SR/SR+ Cards I've acquired, I already had the SR Kalinka from Master Boss grinding. My referral code is in on the left side bar on the top of the DS game listings.


Unlocking Minigames with a Battle Chip Gate in Rockman Zero 3

Back in the GBA era of Rockman games. There was a special feature only for the original Japanese versions of the games. Excluding Card e-Reader+ functionality, you could actually use a Rockman EXE Axess Battle Chip Gate to unlock certain Minigames as an alternative. This is good especially for the player that isn't too good at these types of games, or just wants to save some time with less playthroughs of the game.


Keep in mind, I've tested the localized copy of this game and I can definitely say it does not work. This only for the original game, I'm also sure there's more Battle Chips out there that could work with it. I honestly don't feel like taking out all my chips to test each minigame with it. Below are some of the ones I've used for my results. I may update the listing at a later time if I have anymore of an interest. Oh, and I already submitted this to GameFAQs. Thanks.



Battle Chip







MeteorRedSun & BlueMoonRay


MeteorRedSun & BlueMoonRay