Monday, March 18, 2013

Progress PET ~ Forte Cross Edition

New and unopened. Not really my priority for getting one, I figured I could try seeing if I could get one for my collection and I did. I don't have any interest to open the Box like the Link PET_EX Forte Version before it. I don't believe you can use Forte Cross with the PET, at least not at the start. I liked how Chip usage was backward compatible with Axess Series Chips. Around a month before EXE5 Team of Blues came out. Because the Progress PET could read Chip Names, they would reconfigure the contacts on the chips to show different results. This is how they were able to get a complete list of chips before EXE5 ToB even came out.


There were also odd instances of GrandPrixPower and Duo showing up for Chip Names. This could mean that they were probably meant to have them as Axess Series Battle Chips at one point and never did, at least on the Takara side of things since they might've forgot to remove them from the Chip listings on the LCD game. Something like Rockman EXE4.5 Real Operation will make the game freeze using these Chips, since the data in that game isn't actually there for it for the attacks. I'm sure it would probably work on 4.