Thursday, January 1, 2015

Two Special Saves to kick off the New Year

With Rockman 8, Rockman X4, Rockman X5, Rockman Battle & Chase, and Tron ni Kobun's release on the Japanese PlayStation Network last month. I've compiled my own save data files for Rockman Battle & Chase and Tron ni Kobun, that are also PS3 ready so that you can transfer them to your PS3, PS Vita, or PS Vita TV.


For Rockman Battle & Chase, if you have a non Best for Family printing of the game / the game's first print run. You can utilize Duo in all other modes, except for GP Mode. The PSN version uses the Best for Family version for the reason that Duo is newly included in the second print release, minus the new opening sequence when a Memory Card with the save is in Slot-1. For the first release, only a special campaign with Dengeki PlayStation Magazine that was a mail in benefit would have a Memory Card save for B&C that has the Duo flag activated. So if you're using the original release on a PS3, this save can be useful for you. PSN downloaders don't need to worry about this save.


Tron ni Kobun also had a special campaign through Dengeki G, later when they switched the magazine title I believe. Labeled as, "Dengeki Kobun". This data can be used to unlock Kobun #41 through New Games and existing game saves at the cost of 1 block on a Memory Card.


Picture Source:

Mura-bal Blog (Capcom Duo Special Data photo)