Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quick Gallery Ver.2

Update 12/24/2009:

Got the new Camera. I went with 1600 x 1200 with the Photos because my Photobucket account is at it's maximum almost with the Bandwidth for the month. Sorry for the Blur in some of the shots. Getting used to this new one. I'll reshoot more of them later


Newly Added:


Reverse Rideman

First Page for Early Series sketch design


Got the Rockman EXE Official Complete Works book in the Mail today. I'll take a look at everything that's mostly new with this book. It has everything that Soundtrack CDs, Magazines, and past Books have had in it with more. Sorry for the Lower-Res Photo Snaps with fuzz, had to take these with a Cell Phone Camera. My Digital Camera died this past month, maybe I'll take some pictures on Friday once I get my newer Camera.


Cover / Inside Cover


Contents / List of Games


Early Series sketch design idea


Kaizou Card Illustrations Added to RMEXE Page / Clockman & Reverse Rideman


Hatman, Jamingman, & Rideman / Cache & Trojan Horse


Clockman, Cache, & Trojan Horse sketches


Some Anime Illutrations and Sketches


Kaizou Card Pack Covers / Special Kaizou Card Illustrations


CoroCoro Magazine Illustration / PET Types




Manga Artwork & OCW Credits Art


Back Cover / Inside Back Cover


The Book is very good if you don't already own some of the previous Books, CDs, Cards, or Magazines. What's newly added are some of the Cell Phone Game Characters, some Modification Card Illustrations, Anime Illustrations, and Ultimate Navigation Guide Illustrations. It even shows some of the newer designed artwork for past games straight from the Operate Shooting Star Homepage. And like the other OCW Books for other Rockman Series, this one is enormous compared to the past EXE Books. It's definitely worth picking and great in any Collection.


  1. Oh! Are there more mugshots in the book?

  2. Will you get scans or will you take a higher-quality snapshot of more pages? I'm eager to see more of this.

  3. Probably just Higher Quality Photo Snapshots from a Digital Camera later in the week.

    I could use a Scanner, but it's one of them old All-In-One Jobs, and I don't want to wreck the bindings. =(

  4. The cover looks weak but this is amazing!Well for book,it is.

  5. The Oblivious PrattlerDecember 23, 2009 at 4:34 PM

    Okay, is MegaMan's hair brown or black? It's brown in the picture where he has his helmet off, but it never looks brown anywhere else. Was it brown when he was Hub and now it's black as MegaMan? I know that Hub picture is on a chip in one game.

  6. Wow, nice. The art is amazing. Thanks for going through the effort to take the pictures.

    Oh, and Prattler, I guess your right that Hub's hair is brown, but as MegaMan he has black hair. It's definitely brown when he was Hub, since all his family members have brown hair.

  7. Can you get some pics of some Roll.exe arts ?

  8. What's on the rest of the Megaman page and the page next to it?

  9. Phantom of Network and Legend of Network would have made superb replacements for EXE 5 and EXE 6 respectively. 'Tis a shame we have so little information on it, but these images are great, Nigoli.

    Thanks much.

  10. Is There Really That Many PETS? Or Is It Displaying The Different Character's PETS? Please Explain... CHARGE STRIKE!

  11. ^ Just displaying different Character's PETs.

    In Toy form there's only around 4 PETs for Axess Series, 3 for Stream Series, and around 6 for Beast Series.