Wednesday, November 6, 2013

PocketStation for PlayStation Vita ~ Pock Rock 1~6 Overview


Sony released PocketStation support for the PlayStation Vita after it's teaser video. The Rockman Complete Works games utilized this never released accessory overseas. We'll a look into the aspects of this functionality on the Vita for anyone wanting to see how this will be when it does release for non PS Plus subscribers. While I do own Rockman 1~6 on the original PlayStation, this is much easier for taking screenshots rather than using a PocketStation that wasn't backlit originally. Unfortunately you cannot take screen captures yet for PocketStation functionality. You actually can take screenshots, but you have to be out of the PocketStation home BIOS, and not in the Memory Card utility. Here's a preview of what this looks like in both it's frames. I'll be utilizing the normal boarder size though, since I do prefer over the Full when using it.


If you wanted to use old data from the PlayStation console. It's definitely possible to do this, using a Memory Card transfer cable and a PS3. You might need a spare Memory Card too, rather than a PocketStation for transfer since it might not work (I need to test this). Unfortunately, it's very picky trying to copy things, you have to use Memory Card 2 or other Memory Cards off different PlayStation titles you might have downloaded on to the Vita prior. Not only that, but PocketStation type data refuses to copy. So if you wanted to go through this route, you'll need to Save "セーブ", when a PocketStation is in Slot 1 with Pock Rock Data on there for each single Boss and Rockman this way you can get them on Pock Rock 1~6. Also make sure that Rockman 1~6 Save Data is on each PocketStation you're trying to do too to save time. You can load them up after copying them through Option "オプション", on Load "ロード", and through the Database too.


It plays extremely well, especially for more adult hands and fingers, compared to how it was originally. Here you can play different minigames (which are different for each title), gain new Robot Master Bosses, and level them up accordingly. for importing them into the main game titles with improved stats in Navi Mode. You can do this for Rockman and any Robot Master Bosses if you want an easier time or more challenging main bosses.


Once you've finished leveling whatever you were wanting to level up, you can use Load "ロード, from within the Database (1~3) or Dr. Right's Lab (4~6) to load it from the Pock Rock data. And once that's done, you can save the Rockman Save Data from the Database on any Enemy or Boss that isn't a PocketStation compatible type with a Memory Card icon (1~3) or Dr. Right's Lab menu for "セーブ" (4~6).


It's true to how it originally was, you won't have to burn through anymore CR2032 batteries anymore, or dealing a screen that's scratched up since the PocketStations you might have aren't new. Or you just might want to try it for a first time since you couldn't before. It's very good experience indeed, and I'm definitely pleased with it, especially being able to bring back my leveled Rock and Robot Masters from my old saves. You can check out the Game Save page if you want PS3 saves which has everything to LV99. I'll reupload them with PSP/V support some time soon. And I also wouldn't be surprised if PocketStation support gets updated in the future for PSOne Classic support.

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