Friday, September 19, 2008

RM9 Nintendo Site Listing & Blues DLC Confirmed


The Nintendo Shop Channel Site in the WiiWare Section finally lists Rockman 9: Ambition's Revival!!. Even on the Japanese Wii Shop Channel on the Wii, it shows a notice for Rockman 9 for WiiWare.



More importantly, it shows the Red Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo. On the bottom of the WR9J page, it states there's Ranking and through purchase, "Additional Content".

DLC #001 ~ Blues


Platform ShopPrice / Points
Wii Shop Channel200
Xbox Live160


Able to shoot Charged Shots and Slide when Rockman can't. He can also Block Minor Attacks with his Shield. The North American Release for this Download seems to be the week of October 6th. No Information regarding the Japanese Release of the Download has been confirmed. I'm pretty sure it'll pop up very soon though.


Source: GamesRadar (NA ProtoMan DLC Release Info)

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