Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rockman 9 Original Soundtrack

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I've obtained my copy of the Rockman 9 Original Soundtrack in the Mail today a Week later from Amazon JP. They're usually Quicker with these things especially back when I ordered the Rockman X8, Rockman EXE5DS Complete Music Encyclopedia, and Ryuusei no Rockman 1&2 Original Soundtrack. I'm assuming it really has something to do with Inti Creates, all the previous CD Orders were Suleputer published. One annoying thing is not getting one of those Pins / Badges. I knew I should have Imported through e-Capcom to get that Yellow / Golden Pin Badge.


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Everything about this Release is great. The Book and Illustrations are very nicely done. The Front of the CD has that 8-Bit Print with different Sprites, almost exactly the same as the Capcom Music Generation Family Computer Soundtracks ~ Rockman 1~6 CDs. You can also feel the Printing Grooves of the Sprites just like those earlier CDs. The Music itself is the best part even though it borrows some BGM from Rockman 2. The Tracks have those Famicom / NES esque feel to them, some of the Instruments remind me of the Kunio Nekketsu games and other Famicom games.



It's very odd that it was released and not delayed in spite of the Game, which I blame Nintendo for. RM9 could have easily been on the Japanese Wii Shop Channel last week, instead of that Green Spud Man game or whatever the hell took the place for that week. Even though I'm late with this release. It's certainly good to have, even without the Pins for Collection Purposes. The CD Extraction above is LAME 3.98 Final encoded, V0 for VBR New with my usual Command Line Extras. All Fields are Tagged to the possible amount of information, V1 and V2.X.

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